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Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Sales of Cosmetics

- 04 May 2023 - 
- Vol. 5, Iss: 3
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper used a quantitative method to find out the effect of celebrity endorsement on purchasing behavior and found that celebrity popularity has a significant impact on customer purchasing behavior.
Today, celebrity endorsement is becoming a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. In advertising, marketers have endorsed celebrities with their products and brands to increase their sales and change viewers' perception of their brand, which positively affects their purchasing behavior. This study focuses on celebrity endorsement and its impact on customer purchasing behavior and their perception of a company's product or brand. This study uses a quantitative method to find out the effect of celebrity endorsement on purchasing behavior. The data of 100 respondents are collected through a questionnaire and the results were analyzed. Respondents learned how they perceive a celebrity and its characteristics and how celebrity endorsement affects their purchasing behavior. The conclusion is that celebrity-endorsed ads are more attractive than non-endorsed ads. It also showed that celebrity endorsement has a significant impact on purchasing behavior. Finally, the results of the study further showed that celebrity popularity has a significant impact on customer purchasing behavior. The study focuses on understanding consumer buying behavior based on various factors such as age, gender, income, media and many other relevant variables.

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How does the endorsement of celebrity influencers affect the purchasing behavior of women in the cosmetics industry?

Celebrity endorsement positively impacts women's purchasing behavior in the cosmetics industry by influencing perceptions and increasing sales, as shown in the study on consumer behavior and celebrity endorsements.

What is the impact of celebrity endorsement on the success of advertising campaigns?

Celebrity endorsement positively impacts advertising success by increasing sales, changing brand perception, and influencing purchasing behavior, as shown in the study.