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Influence of a thermal gradient on the natural frequencies of tapered orthotropic plates

22 Oct 1979-Journal of Sound and Vibration (Academic Press)-Vol. 66, Iss: 4, pp 621-625
About: This article is published in Journal of Sound and Vibration.The article was published on 1979-10-22. It has received 1 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Orthotropic material & Temperature gradient.
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TL;DR: In this article, a vibration analysis of laminated composite plates subjected to temperature changes is performed, where the von Karman strain is augmented with the nonlinear terms of the von-Karman strain.

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01 Jan 1969
TL;DR: The fundamental equation of classical plate theory can be found in this article, where anisotropic and variable-thickness versions of the classical plates are considered, as well as other considerations.
Abstract: : Contents: Fundamental Equations of Classical Plate Theory; Circular Plates; Elliptical Plates; Rectangular Plates; Parallelogram Plates; Other Quadrilateral Plates; Triangular Plates; Plates of Other Shapes; Anisotropic Plates; Plates With Inplane Forces; Plates With Variable Thickness; and Other Considerations.

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TL;DR: In this article, the effect of a constant thermal gradient on the transverse vibrational frequencies of a simply supported rectangular plate is investigated and bounds for the eigenfrequencies are obtained for various plate width-to-length ratios as functions of a parameter related to the temperature dependence of the modulus of elasticity of the material.

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TL;DR: In this article, the dynamic free response of thin rectangular plates subjected to one and two dimensional steady state temperature distributions satisfying Laplace's equation is analyzed and the governing equations of motion are derived by a finite difference method and solved by a simultaneous iteration technique to obtain eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

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