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Inplane vibration analysis of polar orthotropic annular plates with parabolically varying thickness

01 Jan 1989-Composite Structures (Elsevier)-Vol. 11, Iss: 1, pp 1-13
Abstract: The natural frequencies of inplane vibration of polar orthotropic annular plates with parabolically varying thickness have been analysed. In the semianalytical method used, the radial and tangential displacements are expanded in the circumferential direction as a Fourier series and the radial behaviour is modelled by finite elements. Since published results were not available, results were obtained using tow different kinds of displacement functions. The frequencies have been studied with respect to various boundary conditions, aspect ratios, ratios of moduli, thickness ratios and for two orientations of the fibre directions. more

Topics: Orthotropic material (52%)
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Abstract: This article is concerned with the hygrothermal bending response of the sector-shaped annular plate with variable radial thickness based on Kirchhoff plate theory. The variable radial thickness sector-shaped annular plate is imposed in a hygrothermal environment. The plate has varying radial thickness between the circular edges. The boundary conditions at the plate circular edges may be simply-supported or/and clamped. However, the straight radial edges of the sectorial annular plate are simply-supported. The analytical solutions for the bending response of hygrothermal sectorial annular plates are derived. The small parameter method and Levy-type approach are used for this purpose. The accuracy of the present model is demonstrated via problems for which the solutions and numerical results are available. Numerical results are presented for a variety of problems to serve as benchmark results for future comparisons with other investigators. more

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Qunli Liu1, Yi Zhao2Institutions (2)
Abstract: The natural frequency of a thick rectangular sandwich panel composed of orthotropic facesheets and a soft core was studied based on a refined shear deformation model. The shear deformation of the sandwich panel was described by a polynomial function. The effect of transverse shear modulus of the facesheets and core on flexural vibration of the panel was investigated. Comparison was made among classical thin plate theory, linear shear (low order) deformation theory and the refined shear (high order) deformation model. Results from finite element analysis were also provided to verify the theoretical predictions. It was shown that the refined shear deformation model provided a better prediction on the natural frequency of vibration of a sandwich panel than thin plate model or low order deformation model. more

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Qunli Liu1, Yi Zhao2, Habib Eslami2Institutions (2)
18 Apr 2005-
Abstract: As honeycomb core materials have much lower transverse shear modulus than facesheet and are much thicker than the facesheets, the transverse shear deformation plays a significant role on the vibration of sandwich panels. In this paper, the vibration of a sandwich panel with two identical isotropic facesheets and a core of hexagonal cells are studied by applying a variational principle. A simplified model is used to describe the properties of hexagonal honeycomb core. Both low order and high order shear deformation models are employed for shear deformation of the facesheets and core. An analytical solution in Navier form for natural frequency of simply supported rectangular sandwich panel was obtained and the rotational effect was taken into account. more

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Abstract: Circular and annular disks are one of the most commonly used shapes of components in machinery and hence the behavior of these is of utmost interest. Consequently, we find that circular disks have been analyzed extensively. Yet some aspects of their buckling behavior have not been addressed. The aim of the present work is to analyze polar and rectangular orthotropic annular disks subjected to a concentrated tangential load acting on the outer edge. The effect of variation in dimensions, elastic properties, point of load application and number of layers with different fiber orientations is considered. Non-dimensionalized results are presented in the form of graphs and an attempt is made to analyze the observed behavior. more

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  • ...Similar work with respect to orthotropic disks has been reported by Soamidas and Ganesan (1988, 1989a, 1989b, 1995), but they too have not analyzed the buckling of annular disks under concentrated edge loads....


  • ...Later Gorman (1983), Satyamoorthy (1984), Lakshminarayana (1986), Gupta, et al (1986), Soamidas and Ganesan (1988, 1989a, 1989b, 1995), Thyagarajan (1989), Malhotra (1989), Mermertas and Belek (1994), Chen and Jhu (1996), Lee, et al (1998), Arnold, et al (2002), Deshpande and Mote (2003), DasGupta…...


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V. Srinivasan1, V. Ramamurti1Institutions (1)
Abstract: In-plane analysis of annular disks using the finite element method is presented. A semi-analytical, one-dimensional finite element model is developed using a Fourier series approach to account for the circumferential behaviour. Using displacement functions which are exact solutions of the two dimensional elasticity plane stress problem, the shape functions, stiffness matrices and mass matrices corresponding to the 0th, 1st and nth harmonics are derived. To show the utility of this new element, example probelms have been solved and compared with the exact solution. The present element can be readily coded into any general purpose finite element program. more

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Abstract: The possibility of obtaining a flywheel of high energy density by increasing both rotating speed and moment of inertia of the disc is investigated. As the starting point of the search process for such a flywheel, a glass cloth-laminated disc with a hole at the center is considered. The rotating speed of the disc is improved by reinforcing the central hole of the disc with the same material as that of the disc. The large moment of inertia is obtained by attaching a rim around the disc. The rim is moulded by winding carbon fiber around it. This rim also has the usual “hoop” effect which prevents a reduction of the rotating speed of the disc because of the additional moment of inertia of the rim. The shape of the disc having a high energy density is numerically sought by varying the dimensions of the hub and the rim of the disc, and an optimal shape is proposed. more

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Abstract: This paper describes an investigation about the possibility of producing a fiber-reinforced plastic gear which is light, self-lubricated and of high strength, by taking advantage of the characteristics of the unidirectionally reinforced lamina. A fiber-reinforced plastic spur gear was molded by arranging long carbon fibers along the tooth shapes and then filling up inside with composite of glass fiber chops and epoxy resin. Bending strength of the tooth of the gear was studied experimentally and analytically. Availability of the fiber-reinforced plastic gear thus made was confirmed by the investigation. more

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