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Investigation on microstructure and tensile properties of dissimilar weld joints between AISI 316l and duplex 2205 stainless steel

The article was published on 2018-08-01 and is currently open access. It has received 3 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Ultimate tensile strength.

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Mechanical, Microstructure, and Corrosion Characterization of Dissimilar Austenitic 316L and Duplex 2205 Stainless-Steel ATIG Welded Joints

TL;DR: In this paper , the microstructure, mechanical, and corrosion properties of a dissimilar activated tungsten inert gas (ATIG) welded 2205 duplex stainless-steel (2205 DSS) plate and AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel (316L ASS) were analyzed.
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Mechanical Properties Study of a Duplex Stainless Steel Weld Using Physical Simulation and Work Hardening Models

TL;DR: In this article, the authors proposed a new direct evaluation methodology for volumetrically quantifying phases using both mathematical work hardening models fitted to the experimental data from stress-strain curves.
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Investigation of mechanical and microstructural properties in joining dissimilar P355GH and stainless 316L steels by TIG welding process

TL;DR: In this paper , the joining of high-temperature and pressure-resistant P355GH and austenitic stainless 316L steels by the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding method was investigated in terms of microstructure, mechanical properties, and weld efficiency.
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Welding Metallurgy and Weldability of Stainless Steels

TL;DR: In this article, the authors introduce phase diagrams and constitution diagrams for welding of stainless steel welds, as well as a Weldability Testing Appendix 1: Nominal Compositions of Stainless Steels Appendix 2: Etching Techniques for Stainless Steel Welds Author Index Subject Index
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Influence of filler metals and welding techniques on the structure–property relationships of Inconel 718 and AISI 316L dissimilar weldments

TL;DR: In this article, an attempt has been made to weld the precipitation hardened Nickel based super alloy Inconel 718 and austenitic stainless steel AISI 316L using Continuous Current Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (CCGTAW) and Pulsed Current GasTungsten arc Welding process employing ER2553 and ERNiCu-7 fillers.
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of alloy C-276 weldments fabricated by continuous and pulsed current gas tungsten arc welding techniques

TL;DR: In this article, the effects of switching over from gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) to pulsed current Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (PCGTAw) on the quality of joints produced in Hastelloy C-276 material were investigated.
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Microstructural characterization of dissimilar welds between Incoloy 800H and 321 Austenitic Stainless Steel

TL;DR: In this article, the microstructural character of dissimilar welds between Incoloy 800H and 321 Stainless Steel has been discussed and microscopic examination of the base metals, fusion zones and interfaces was characterized using an optical microscope and scanning electron microscopy.
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Metallurgical and mechanical characterization of dissimilar welds of austenitic stainless steel and super-duplex stainless steel – A comparative study

TL;DR: In this article, the joining of dissimilar combinations of austenitic stainless steel, AISI 316L and super-duplex stainless steel (UNS S32750) by continuous current (CC) and pulsed current (PC) gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) using ER2553 and ERNiCrMo-3 fillers was examined using both optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques.
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