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La construcción de la realidad por la infancia a través de su dieta televisiva

01 Jan 2008-Comunicar (Grupo Comunicar)-Iss: 31, pp 99-108

TL;DR: The preliminary exposition and results of a feasibility project for an Observatory of Consumption of Infantile Television that contributes with indexes of evolutionary impact (developmental ratings) of diverse contents, taking part in the television diet of Spanish children are presented.

AbstractThis paper presents the preliminary exposition and results of a feasibility project for an Observatory of Consumption of Infantile Television that contributes with indexes of evolutionary impact (developmental ratings) of diverse contents, taking part in the television diet of Spanish children. The model of analysis has developed indicators about 7 evolutionary dimensions relative to the imagery representation and to the orientation in the symbolic reality. This model has been applied in a pilot stage to a limited but significant sample (the 10 and the 30 most seen programs by 4, 7, and 12-year-old Spanish children), as well as to the most seen advertising. The provisional results allow us to establish certain features of the situation of the audio-visual diet and the orientation of the imagery representation. more

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Abstract: The aim of the paper is to describe some of the challenges faced by schools, or by formal education in general, as a consequence of today’s mobile-centric society (henceforth MCS), the term we will use to denote the new, networked learning ecology that has arisen from the massive penetration of digital media in everyday life. After revisiting some of the ideas of McLuhan and Vygotsky in the light of this new technological scenario, we describe five traits of the MCS and the challenges – illustrated through educational practices – that we believe schools will face if they wish to preserve their function of individualization and socialization. We believe that despite the emergence of the MCS, the main function of the school is still to provide the “box of tools” (a set of psychological instruments, such as reading, writing, mathematical notation, digital literacy, etc.) that enables people to develop their learning skills and life projects and to become part of communities and groups. However, the complexity and mobility of the new learning environments means that the position held by schools needs to be re-evaluated in the face of the informal learning paths and experiences – both online and offline – to which learners now have access. We also need to re-evaluate the meaning of the school itself as an institution and the model of learner it should be training.

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01 Jan 2011
Abstract: La investigacion realizada sobre la campana publicitaria juguetera emitida en Espana en la television comercial durante las navidades del 2009-10 manifiesta una clara tendencia a la repeticion de los estereotipos sexuales. Se selecciono una muestra de 379 anuncios emitidos en las cadenas comerciales a las que se aplico una ficha de codificacion de 253 items. Se destacan en los spot todavia valores distintos en atencion al genero como diversion y competicion, riesgo y agresividad para los chicos y belleza, apariencia o la atencion a las tareas del hogar para las ninas. Hemos analizado los juguetes mas anunciados, el color de las marcas, la voz en off vinculada a los productos y los valores asociados a los mismos para determinar el uso dado a estas herramientas.

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Abstract: The mixed model of Teaching-Learning aims to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to guarantee an education more in line with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The following research objectives were formulated: 1) To find out the assessment made by teacher-training college students of the virtual classroom WebCT as an aid to face-to-face teaching. 2) To know the advantages of the use of WebCT and ICT by students in the case study: «Values and counter-values transmitted by television series for children and teenagers». The research has been carried out using a sample of 205 students from the University of La Rioja who attended a course on Technologies Applied to Education. The technique of qualitative and quantitative content analysis has been used to provide an objective, systematic and quantitative description content of different documents. The results obtained show that the communication, content and assessment tools of WebCT are favourably assessed by the students. We have reached the conclusion that WebCT and ICT constitute an aid to EHEA methodological innovation based on studentcentred learning. The students demonstrated their audiovisual competence in the analysis of values and the construction of multimedia documents using different formats. Through their work these students give a new meaning to the use of television series in education.

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Abstract: Las importantes carencias nutritivas apreciadas en estudiantes del distrito de Huanuco (Peru), junto con la publicidad televisiva de productos de dudosa calidad nutricional observada, nos llevo a plantear y desarrollar una investigacion con el objeto de analizar la relacion entre ambos fenomenos titulada: Influencia de los anuncios televisivos en el consumo de alimentos publicitados durante el 2010, cuyo resumen se presenta en este articulo. En la investigacion planteamos un estudio correlacional con una muestra de 120 escolares de diversas instituciones educativas, a quienes se aplicaron satisfactoriamente encuestas, entrevistas y guia de evaluacion fisica; tambien se analizo la publicidad emitida por los canales de television sobre alimentos y su contenido nutricional. El analisis inferencial aplicado fue Ji cuadrado (?2). Con esta investigacion se ha demostrado que el estado de salud de los escolares esta afectado, siendo muy agudo respecto a la caries dental, problema que se atribuye al consumo de ciertos alimentos. Se constata que existe relacion positiva, con alta significancia estadistica, entre la adherencia a los anuncios televisivos y el consumo de alimentos publicitados de alto contenido en sodio, calcio, azucar y de calorias por los escolares estudiados; asi mismo, se prueba la interdependencia entre la exposicion a los anuncios televisivos y el consumo de alimentos con productos de alto contenido en grasa que merecen ser vigilados y controlados por los responsables.

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05 Apr 2011
Abstract: This study examined toys spots on Spanish television during Christmas 2009 The idea is to know the level of fulfilment of the different self-regulation codes as well as the legislation involved in this subject The goal is to learn whether the messages comply with these codes and whether children are protected from the advertising that is misleading Everyone involved in the advertising process must be aware of the childs vulnerability Over a total of 379 spots, and a methodology developed ad hoc for this purpose we elaborate a data base with different parameters to be analyzed: identification of advertising message, characteristics linked to the product and messages that try to increase sales Results are focused on non-fulfilment repetitions from a quantitative point of view A 259% of the corpus is concentrated an illegible caption, the action to incite children to consume or go to different website references However the most successful action for the advertising industry has been that almost all of them have presented their products on television with their real dimensions, without modifications or exaggerations that change the real nature of products We recommend changes and modifications on the actual system of self-regulation as well as on global references for advertising

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