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Modeling and Comprehensive Analysis of WiMAX Protocol for Grid Control Center to Aggregator Communication in V2G

27 Mar 2015-International Journal of Renewable Energy Research-Vol. 5, Iss: 1, pp 133-138

AbstractThe Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) has become a reality with development in power grid and advancements in vehicle technology. The EVs will gradually replace the existing vehicles due to growing oil demands and environment concerns. The EVs can be integrated to the grid for power transaction and contribute to the grid. The grid control center (GCC) to aggregator communication is very crucial in V2G operation and meet the load demand. The fixed WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) protocol is proposed for the GCC to aggregator communication. The applicable path loss models for WiMAX protocol are analysed and compared. The physical layer of WiMAX protocol is modeled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and its performance is investigated.

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Abstract: Abstract In this paper mathematical model for traffic pattern analysis, prediction and resource utilization of Electric Vehicles (EV) in aggregator regions/parking lot zones is proposed. The proposed and presented mathematical model for EV traffic pattern/resource utilization in smart city can be used to estimate the amount of power/voltage available/required by EVs in different aggregator regions. Development of multiagent communication (MAC) based framework for aggregator to EV communication is discussed. V2G aggregation in distribution network forms a Physical part and utility side with sensing/communication forms a Cyber part which combinedly constitutes a Cyber-Physical system. Simulations were carried out on IEEE 33/69 bus test systems using MATLAB and MOBILE C was used for MAC. The results obtained were promising in terms of improved voltage profile and reduced power losses.

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  • ...The evaluation of wireless access support for V2G technology for grid control center(GCC) to aggregator is dealt in details in [14] and application of fixed WiMAX protocol for GCC to aggregator communication (channel modelling) is presented comprehensively in [15]....


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Abstract: Abstract In this paper a multiagent based communication framework for gridable electric vehicle (GEV) aggregation in power distribution network is proposed. Also, multi objective optimization is presented for the minimization of power losses and maximization of voltage. Furthermore multiagent system (MAS) based analytical model is proposed for GEV aggregation. Comprehensive case studies are conducted on IEEE 33 and 69 bus test distribution systems using MATLAB and it is observed that the timely and optimal placement of GEV aggregation in distribution network using multiagent communication (MAC) will lead to reduction in power losses and improvement in voltage profile. MATLAB and MOBILE C were used for the simulation studies and results demonstrate significant benefits of GEV aggregation in distribution network.

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01 Dec 2018
TL;DR: The communication framework is proposed for microgrid control center to DMS using long term evolution protocol (LTE) and the LTE physical layer is modeled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the bit error rate to signal to noise ratio (SNR) curves are plotted.
Abstract: The transformation from conventional power grid to smart grid has brought interdisciplinary concepts together. The distribution management system is a part of the smart grid and is a complex entity which requires different applications for monitoring, control and manage the distribution network operator (DNO). In this paper the communication framework is proposed for microgrid control center (MGCC) to DMS using long term evolution protocol (LTE). The LTE physical layer is modeled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the bit error rate (BER) to signal to noise ratio (SNR) curves are plotted.

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01 Jan 2020
Abstract: With indispensable and rapid ingress of renewable energy sources in power systems, the communication between the distributed energy sources has become very crucial to have a reliable distribution management system (DMS). In this paper, wireless access support is proposed for Distribution Management System (DMS) and microgrid control center (MGCC) using WiMAX protocol. MATLAB/Simulink was used to model the WiMAX physical layer. The bit error rate (BER) v/s signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) curves were plotted and promising results were obtained.

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01 Dec 2017
Abstract: Vehicle to Grid (V2G) is a viable solution to meet the grid requirements with present developments in electric vehicle (EV) technology and power grid. In this paper wireless access infrastructure for optimal placement of EV aggregator in power distribution network is proposed using Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) or 802.16 protocol. The load flow studies were carried out for IEEE 14 bus system and the physical layer of WiMAX protocol was modeled and simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The results demonstrate that timely placement of GEV aggregator will result in substantial reduction of active power loss.