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Musicologie générale et sémiologie

Annie Labussière, +1 more
- 01 Jan 1990 - 
- Vol. 76, Iss: 1, pp 119
This article is published in Revue De Musicologie.The article was published on 1990-01-01. It has received 112 citations till now.

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Kyol Goeu ('Wind Overload') Part I: A Cultural Syndrome of Orthostatic Panic among Khmer Refugees.

TL;DR: Certain cultural syndromes seem to increase the risk of panic attacks by generating catastrophic cognitions about symptoms of autonomic arousal, thus contributing to the high rate of orthostatically induced panic observed in this population.
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Toward a medical anthropology of sensations: definitions and research agenda.

TL;DR: The importance of a medical anthropology of sensations for theories of psychopathology and psychological healing is outlined and the heuristic use of the concepts of sensation schemas, sensation interpretants, and sensation scripts are proposed.
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Panic disorder, somatization, and the new cross-cultural psychiatry: the seven bodies of a medical anthropology of panic.

TL;DR: The authors take sensation as the key unit ofanalysis, aiming to contribute to a medicalanthropology of sensation, which includes the full spectrum of panicattack sensations, the biological generation of panic sensations, and sensation as invoking memory.

Music in (en)action. Sense-making and neurophenomenology of musical experience

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors argue that musical cognition is not something that occurs in our head, but a process that extends beyond the boundaries of skull and skin, being constituted by the dynamic interplay between embodied agents and the environment in which they are embedded.
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On the Growing Role of Observation, Formalization and Experimental Method in Musicology

TL;DR: In the last two decades an important shift has occurred in music research, that is, from music as an art (or art object) to music as a process in which the performer, the listener, and music as sound play a central role as mentioned in this paper.