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Network tap for use with multiple attached devices

13 Dec 2003-

AbstractA network tap for enabling attached devices, such as an intrusion detection system, to transmit information into a communication line of the network without disrupting the network traffic on the communication line. When the attached device is an intrusion detection device, the network tap is connected to a firewall. An Ethernet switch or field programmable gate array (FPGA) is incorporated in the network tap to coordinate the transmission of device data to avoid data collisions with data transmissions already existing in the communication line. The network tap may be operated in various modes to accommodate different capabilities of attached devices. In addition, the network tap has various port configurations to allow a user to connect various attached devices through a single cable or dual cables and to connect various combinations of attached devices.

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31 May 2006
Abstract: A network tap device that is configured for operation in a copper Gigabit Ethernet communications network using a power-over-Ethernet (“POE”) electrical supply is disclosed. In one embodiment, a network tap device powered by a POE supply is disclosed, comprising first and second network ports that are configured with receptacles for receiving communication cables. The communication cables are configured to carry both data signals and the POE supply to and from the network tap device. The network tap device further includes first and second tap ports that connect with additional communication cables to a monitoring device. The network tap device also includes control and regulation circuitry that is configured to receive the POE supply from the communication cables via the network ports and to enable components of the network tap device to be operated by the POE supply.

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05 Jun 2008
Abstract: A network data monitoring device provides for the flexible, programmable port-to-multi-port steering of data packet traffic between network port pairs, with tap data streams being directed to any of a plurality of monitor ports. The network data monitoring device is constructed utilizing one or more switching integrated circuits programmed to disable layer-2 routing and impose port-to-multiport data packet steering. Physical layer protocol encoding/decoding circuits enable connectivity to physical network media connectors though a system of fail-safe relays. A system controller, preferably implemented by a microprocessor, is connected to all switching integrated circuits and relays for configuration, status and control. Hardware-based logic selectively in complement to the switching integrated circuits provides for the programmable filtering, modification and programmable steering of data packets through the device.

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28 Apr 2004
Abstract: A network tap monitors network information flow over a particular connection. By duplicating the signal and diverting a copy, the information flow can be analyzed, both in real time and without interference through the monitoring process. When the power to the tap is either turned on or off, however, the change in impedance in the tap's circuit can create an interference spike in the connection that interrupts the information flow. By reducing or eliminating the impedance change in the tap circuitry, such disruptive interruptions can be eliminated.

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31 May 2006
Abstract: A network tap device array capable of being powered by a power-over Ethernet (“POE”) supply is disclosed. The array enables data from multiple nodes in a communications network to be tapped and forwarded to a plurality of monitoring devices. In one embodiment the network tap device array includes a chassis that is configured to receive a plurality of network tap devices that are each powered by a POE supply. Each network tap device includes network ports for receiving and transmitting network data via communication cables and tap ports for forwarding the tapped network data to the monitoring device. In another embodiment, a sub-chassis includes a plurality of network tap devices and an aggregator that aggregates tapped data from each of the tap devices. The aggregator then forwards the aggregated data to the monitoring device. The sub-chassis can be included in a chassis that is configured to receive multiple populated chassis.

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07 Mar 2006
Abstract: Intelligent network tap port aggregators for use in monitoring a network and methods for use therein are presented including: a number of device interface terminals for receiving network feeds; a tap structure coupled with device interface terminals, the tap structure configured to monitor the second network feeds and to aggregate the network feeds into an aggregated network feed; a monitor interface terminal coupled to the tap structure for providing the aggregated network feed to a network monitor; and a display coupled to the tap structure and configured to display selected network parameters corresponding to the network feeds. In some embodiments, the intelligent network tap port aggregator also includes: a network controller coupled with the tap structure for providing communication between the tap structure and a number of managing devices; and a managing device interface coupled with the network controller for providing Internet access to the network controller.

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11 Mar 1991
Abstract: A network switching system is described. The network switching system comprises a first port coupled to a source, a second port coupled to a destination, and multiplexer means coupled to the first port and the second port for transferring data between the first port and the second port by selectively connecting the first port with the second port. The data is transferred from the source to the destination through the first port, the multiplexer means, and the second port. The network switching system further includes processing means coupled to the multiplexer means for assisting transmission of the data by receiving the data from the first port when the first port does not indicate a port for the destination. A method of transferring data from a source to a destination via a network switching system is also described.

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24 Feb 1997
Abstract: A bi-directional network medium monitor including a tap apparatus connected inserted in a network media, e.g. Fiber Optic (FX) and Twisted Pair (TX), comprising a transceiver and a clock recovery element for each medium and medium monitor connection, and a bi-directional serial data multiplexer which directs the medium data while in the serial data format. Also, the medium monitor may interrupt medium data transfer in either medium direction and insert its data for diagnostic or other network purposes. Thus, the apparatus according to the present invention is operable to monitor a network at the maximum data rates currently used while providing no significantly network data delay.

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25 Jul 1994
Abstract: An ATM switch is used to combine blocks of data from multiple data servers into a single continuous data stream. The ATM switch is especially well adapted for use in a video-on-demand environment. Blocks of data may be striped across the data servers so that they are output from respective data servers in sequence. Transmission of data from the data servers to the ATM switch is scheduled so that the blocks of data are output in sequence without undue delay between the transmission of blocks of data from the servers. Synchronizing tokens are provided to the data servers to specify that they are to output data of a given sequence and to direct the sequence to a given virtual channel. As a result, the system of this invention appears to output single continuous data streams from the output ports of the ATM switch.

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08 Mar 1995
Abstract: Switching equipment in provided for performing a switching process of a fixed length cell consisting of data and a cell header. A line interface provided in the switching equipment accommodates a plurality of lines and, at the same time, processes the data from each line on a cell unit. The line interface includes individual units and a common unit. The individual units are individually connected to the plurality of lines accommodated therein and individually process the cells. The common unit is connected to the individual units and, at the same time, effects batch-processing of the cells processed by the individual units.

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29 Jan 1997
Abstract: A method and apparatus for monitoring data sent between a source node and destination node in a switched network, wherein the switches configure themselves to establish a connection path to a probe switch to receive the monitored data. The source and destination are identified along with the probe switch. An originating switch on a path between the source and destination is identified and connections between the originating switch and the probe switch are established. The originating switch sends out a first message and when the probe switch receives the first message, it returns a second message to the originating switch. Each switch between the originating switch and the probe switch that receives the first and second messages configures itself to establish the connection path.

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