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No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive

This article is published in Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society.The article was published on 2007-12-01. It has received 401 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Queer theory & Death drive.

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The Promise of Happiness

Sara Ahmed
TL;DR: The Promise of Happiness as mentioned in this paper is a critique of the imperative to be happy, which is defined as the expectation that we will be made happy by taking part in that which is deemed good, and that by being happy ourselves, we will make others happy.
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Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology

TL;DR: In this article, the authors define what it means to be oriented, and how to find our way in a world that acquires new shapes, depending on which way we turn.
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QUEER THEORY AND NATIVE STUDIES The Heteronormativity of Settler Colonialism

TL;DR: For Native studies, the authors argued that the logics of settler colonialism and decolonization must be queered in order to properly speak to the genocidal present that not only continues to disappear indigenous peoples but reinforces the structures of white supremacy, settler colonisation, and heteropatriarchy that affect all peoples.
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The New Unhistoricism in Queer Studies

TL;DR: In the name of "homohistory", "queer temporality, representation, periodization, empiricism, and historical change" as discussed by the authors, some early modernists have accused queer historicists of promoting a normalizing view of sexuality, history, and time.
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Intimate Atmospheres Queer Theory in a Time of Extinctions

TL;DR: The authors explored representations of parasitism and crisis in queer theory and public climate discourse in order to situate queer critiques of reproduction in the context of neoliberalism's ongoing carbon-driven extinctions.
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