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On My Honour: Guides and Scouts in Interwar Britain

The article was published on 2002-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 51 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Honour.

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Hyper-Citizenship and the Experience of Youth in the Edwardian Scouting Movement

NA Bubak
TL;DR: This article examined the development of the Edwardian Scouting Movement through the experiences of the young, ambitious individuals who first took up Robert Baden-Powell's call-to-action.

Iranian Masculinities: Gender and Sexuality in Late Qajar and Early Pahlavi Iran

TL;DR: Balslev et al. as mentioned in this paper show how men under the reign of Reza Shah dressed, acted, spoke, and thought differently from their late Qajar period counterparts, and how the notion of being a "proper Iranian man" changed over these decades.

Youth movements, citizenship and the English countryside, 1930-1960

Sian Edwards
TL;DR: This article explored the significance and meaning of the countryside within mid-twentieth century youth movements, focusing on the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movements, the Woodcraft Folk and the Young Farmer's Club movement.
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Changing girlhoods – Changing Girl Guiding

TL;DR: In this paper, the changing nature of girlhood over the last century is depicted through an empirical study of all editions of all Girl Guide handbooks since 1910, and the importance of incorporating children and childhood into more general theories of social change, in order to better understand how they are intrinsic to the mechanisms of intergenerational change.