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On My Honour: Guides and Scouts in Interwar Britain

The article was published on 2002-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 51 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Honour.

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‘Engineering for Boys’: Meccano and the Shaping of a Technical Vision of Boyhood in Twentieth-Century Britain

TL;DR: The construction toy Meccano was created in 1901 by Liverpudlian clerk Frank Hornby and reached its height of popularity during inter-war Britain this article, where the toy promoted engineering to shape a technical vision of boyhood.

The Reality of Return: Exploring the Experiences of World War One Soldiers after Their Return to New Zealand

TL;DR: The authors explored the experiences of men who did not successfully return to New Zealand as a counterpoint to the experiences experienced by those who did, and argued that men's return and their post-war lives were shaped by many factors including access to employment and good health.
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‘A Powerful Educational Instrument’: The Woodcraft Folk and Indoor/Outdoor ‘Nature’, 1925–75

Sarah Mills
TL;DR: The Woodcraft Folk as discussed by the authors seeks to enlist the enthusiasm and energy of youth for the great task of our generation, and it believes that any attempt to establish a new, world-wide economic order is dependent upon the training of youth in the science of our age and the deliberate cultivation of a world outlook in children and young people.

"White, Black, and Dusky": Girl Guiding in Malaya, Nigeria, India, and Australia from 1909-1960

TL;DR: A comparative study of Girl Guiding in Malaya, India, Nigeria, and Australia examines the dynamics of engagement between Western and non-western women participants as mentioned in this paper, finding that the foundational ideology of Guiding, maternalism, became a common language that participants used to work toward different ideas and practices of civic belonging initially as members of the British Empire and later as independent nations.
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Odd Woman, Odd Girls: Reconsidering How Girls Can Help to Build Up the Empire: The Handbook for Girl Guides and Early Guiding Practices, 1909–1918

TL;DR: In this article, the authors consider how Agnes Baden-Powell's 1912 Guiding handbook, How Girls Can Help to Build up the Empire, and texts written by grassroots female “Scouts” sustain space for unconventional girls.