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On My Honour: Guides and Scouts in Interwar Britain

The article was published on 2002-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 51 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Honour.

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Mobilising Children for National Defence: Boys' Education in the Finnish Civil Guard Organisation During the Second World War

TL;DR: This paper examined the nature of the education provided to boys by the Finnish Civil Guard during the Second World War and found that boys education in the Civil Guard emphasised Finnish nationalism, Christianity, good manners and various sports skills.
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Haitian Protestant Views of Vodou and the Importance of Karactè within a Transnational Social Field

TL;DR: In Haiti, the majority of Haitians who were traditionally Catholics and Vodou practitioners are most likely to convert to Protestantism as mentioned in this paper, which is attributed to two reasons: protection from the harm and misfortune they associate with VODO and economic standing.

The Children's War: British children's experienceof the Great War

TL;DR: The First World War placed children at the heart of the debate about Britain's future and the importance of accepting their role as responsible citizens of the future as discussed by the authors, and children were seen as the key to that process of rebuild what had been lost but to rebuild a Britain better than it had been before.
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Courting public favour: the Boy Scout movement and the accident of internationalism, 1907−29

TL;DR: The Boy Scouts' wholehearted embrace of internationalism was not inevitable; in fact it was a complex and inconsistent transition, and the result of unintentional circumstances as discussed by the authors, and internationalism did not replace but merely supplemented the movement's older aims of organizational autonomy and the promotion of empire.
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Social capital and the making of diaspora: evidence from the portuguese community of johannesburg, south africa

TL;DR: The 1st São Jorge Scouts Group is an instructive case study of how Portuguese immigrants in South Africa came together to create an identifiably Portuguese social group in the context of the international Scouting movement as mentioned in this paper.