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Optimization of inscribed hexagonal fractal slotted microstrip antenna using modified lightning attachment procedure optimization

The bandwidth obtained by the MLAPO technique has been found to be better than that obtained by PSO and normal LAPO algorithm.
An inscribed hexagonal fractal slotted patch antenna with some additional geometry and slots is proposed for the optimization in this paper. This research work is concerned with the optimization of this slotted fractal antenna with the help of the curve-fitting method in conjunction with the modified version of Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization (MLAPO) technique. The data required for the curve-fitting technique and for the optimization technique have been obtained by varying some of the parameters of the proposed antenna. Different equations are developed to know the relations between these parameters of the proposed antenna. The MLAPO technique is applied thereafter to calculate the different optimized geometrical parameters to optimize the bandwidth for the proposed antenna. The optimized geometrical parameters are verified with the help of a parametric variation to justify the reliable optimization. The bandwidth obtained by the MLAPO technique has been found to be better than that obtained by PSO and normal LAPO algorithm. The prototype of the optimized antenna is fabricated and the experimental results are found to be compatible with the results obtained by simulation. The proposed optimized antenna may be utilized in various applications in C and X bands.

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A Novel Approach of Design and Analysis of a Hexagonal Fractal Antenna Array (HFAA) for Next-Generation Wireless Communication

TL;DR: The fabrication and testing of MIMO antennas were completed, where the measurement results matched the simulation results, and the proposed smartphone antenna array architecture is a better entrant for upcoming 5G cellular implementations.
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Modern Technique for Interactive Communication in LEACH-Based Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Network

TL;DR: In this article , the authors proposed to enhance the interactive communication in the network by incorporating the relay nodes between BS and CH in case the CH is out of the range of the BS.
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Infrared and Visible Image Fusion for Concealed Weapon Detection using Transform and Spatial Domain Filters

TL;DR: In this paper, a contrast between the cosine harmonic transform of wavelet transform, guided filter algorithm and discrete form of Wavelet transform is presented, which validates the superiority of DCHWT based fusion algorithm over others.
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Bandwidth Optimization of a Novel Slotted Fractal Antenna Using Modified Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization

TL;DR: In this article , a slotted fractal antenna is designed and then undergone to a recent optimization technique called modified lightning attachment procedure optimization in association with the curve fitting technique, which provides the optimized geometrical dimensions.
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An overview of fractal antenna engineering research

TL;DR: Fractal antenna engineering has been primarily focused in two areas: the first deals with the analysis and design of fractal antenna elements, and the second concerns the application of Fractal concepts to the design of antenna arrays as discussed by the authors.
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A framework for evolutionary optimization with approximate fitness functions

TL;DR: A framework for managing approximate models in generation-based evolution control is proposed, well suited for parallel evolutionary optimization, which is able to guarantee the correct convergence of the evolutionary algorithm, as well as to reduce the computation cost as much as possible.
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Comparative Study of Firefly Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Noisy Non- Linear Optimization Problems

TL;DR: In this paper, two types of meta-heuristics called Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Firefly algorithms were devised to find optimal solutions of noisy non-linear continuous mathematical models.
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A New Super Wideband Fractal Microstrip Antenna

TL;DR: The proposed design is an octagonal fractal microstrip patch antenna that can be used for 10 GHz -50 GHz frequency range, i.e., it is a super wideband microstrip antenna with 40 GHz bandwidth.
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A novel physical based meta-heuristic optimization method known as Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization

TL;DR: The proposed approach mimics the lightning attachment procedure including the downward leader movement, the upward leader propagation, the unpredictable trajectory of lightning downward leader, and the branch fading feature of lightning.
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