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Peter A. French, Corporate Ethics

01 Sep 1998-Journal of Business Ethics (Kluwer Academic Publishers)-Vol. 17, Iss: 12, pp 1364-1366

About: This article is published in Journal of Business Ethics.The article was published on 1998-09-01. It has received None citation(s) till now. The article focuses on the topic(s): Business ethics.
Topics: Business ethics (68%)
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04 Jan 1996
Abstract: This text argues that ethical principles should not derive from abstract theory, but from the real world of experience in organizations. It shows how ethical principles derive from what workers learn in their communities (firms) and that an ethical firm is one that creates a good life for the workers who contribute to its mission. Its approach is based on the Aristotelian tradition of refined common sense, from recent work on collective action problems in organizations and from social contract theory.

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Abstract: The \"Me\" generation has justified itself by appealing to social scientists who see selfishness as the only rational basis for action. But what are we to make of selfless acts in business, personal life, even politics? In this provocative book, Robert Frank shows us that looking out for Number One may require that we look out for others, too. He finds his evidence in our emotional acts. Like the blush on telling a lie, they can serve as hard-to-fake signals of a commitment to social values. We recognize these signs; we know people we trust; and if we can identify trustworthy fellows we can reject those who do not merit our faith.

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01 Jun 1990

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01 Jan 1990
Abstract: Suggests a new approach to describing both stability and change in social systems by linking the behavior of individuals to organizational behavior.

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01 Jan 1988
Abstract: Robert Jackall's Moral Mazes offers an eye-opening account of how corporate managers think the world works, and how big organizations shape moral consciousness. Based on extensive interviews with managers at every level of two industrial firms and of a large public relations agency, Moral Mazes takes the reader inside the intricate world of the corporation. Jackall reveals a world where hard work does not necessarily lead to success, but where sharp talk, self-promotion, powerful patrons, and sheer luck might. Cheerfully-bland public faces mask intense competition in this world where people hide their intentions, and accountability often depends on the ability to outrun mistakes. In this topsy-turvy world, managers must bring often unforgiving technology and always difficult people together to make money, an uncompromising task demanding continual compromises with conventional truths. Moral questions become merely practical concerns and issues of public relations. Sooner or later, managers find themselves wondering how to act in such a world and still maintain a sense of personal integrity. This brilliant, sometimes disturbing, often wildly funny study of corporate thinking, decision-making, and morality presents compelling real life stories of the men and women charged with running the businesses of America. It will interest anyone concerned with how big organizations actually function, or with the current moral malaise in our public life.

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