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Playing with fire : queer politics, queer theories

Shane Phelan
Phelan as mentioned in this paper argued that the self in radical lesbian feminist theory is critical and critically queer, and argued that lesbians and mestizas: appropriation and equivalence are equivalent.
Introduction/Shane Phelan -- Critically queer/Judith Butler -- True or false: the self in radical lesbian feminist theory/Cynthia Burack -- Dichotomies and displacement: bisexuality in queer theory and politics/Stacey Young -- Lesbians and mestizas: appropriation and equivalence/Shane Phelan -- Somewhere over the rainbow: queer translating/Angelia R. Wilson -- The centering of right-wing extremism through the construction of an "inclusionary" homophobia and racism/Anna Marie Smith -- Community, rights talk, and the communitarian dissent in Bowers v. Hardwick/Gordon A. Babst -- Essentialism and the political articulation of identity/Gary Lehring -- Intimacy and equality: the question of lesbian and gay marriage/Morris B. Kaplan -- Politics, practices, publics: identity and queer rights/Paisley Currah -- Queer problems, straight solutions: the limits of a politics of "official recognition"/Lisa Bower.

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Ontologies of place, placelessness, and movement: queer quests for identity and their impacts on contemporary geographic thought

TL;DR: In this article, the authors propose an ontology of place, placelessness, and movement that is new, fresh, enriching and potentially empowering in a particularly politicized form of identity practice.

Same-sex marriage

TL;DR: In this paper, the same authors present a timeline of same-sex marriage, culture and law in the United States and discuss the role of the rite-of-commitment.
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A feminist poststructuralist study of children “doing” gender in an urban kindergarten classroom

TL;DR: The authors explored how young children take an active part in doing gender by socially constructing meanings about femininities and masculinities from the gender discourses available to them in their everyday worlds.
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‘Reclaiming raunch’? Spatializing queer identities at Toronto women's bathhouse events

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors examine the tensions inherent in the queer politics of Canada's first women-only bathhouse event, the "Pussy Palace" and draw on in-depth, semi-structured interviews with organizers, sponsors and participants of the Pussy Palace to consider how the process of "queering space" which is often interpreted as libratory, can paradoxically discipline gendered and sexualized selves.
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Violence, identity and policing: the case of violence against transgender people

TL;DR: The call by transgender people for the police to take violence against them more seriously has some familiar attributes. as discussed by the authors argue that these problems are the effect of particular assumptions about the nature of identity.