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Progress over the long haul dynamics of agrarian change in the kaveri delta

In this article, the authors described and analyzed panel data for six villages in Tamil Nadu from 1980 to 2005, dealing with agricultural change and soci-economic improvements, and discussed the impact of these changes.
The chapter describes and analyses panel data for six villages in Tamil Nadu from 1980 to 2005. It deals with agricultural change and soci-economic improvements.

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Capitalism, Inequality and Labour in India

TL;DR: Breman argues that with colonial rule came the intrusion of capitalism into India's agrarian economy, leading to a decline in the idea of patronage in the relationship between bonded labour and landowner as mentioned in this paper.

Sustainable development goals- post -2015 development agenda prospects and retrospects (the case of india)

G M Kumar
TL;DR: The sustainable development agenda as discussed by the authors seeks to ensure that the momentum generated by the Millennium Development Goals is carried forward beyond 2015 to achieve sustainable reductions in poverty, hunger and other deprivations.
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Strengths-based Gram Sabhas? Challenges and radical possibilities when ‘measuring’ poverty in India

TL;DR: In this article , strengths-based approaches are used to measure poverty in an Indian village to foreground alternative ways of conceptualizing and practising data collection when measuring poverty, and to encourage participation, even questioning of the status quo, in the methodology itself.
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Literacy and Empowerment

TL;DR: A Historical Perspective The Literacy Situation in India The evolution of National Policy on Adult Literacy in India as discussed by the authors The Tamil Nadu Literacy Scenario PART TWO: THE CAMPAIGN Pudukkottai District Profile The Project The Process Motivation and Mobilisation The Process Teaching and Learning The Volunteers Women on Wheels Empowerment of Women Development and EmpowerMENT of Women The Quarry and Gem Cutting Initiatives PART THREE: as discussed by the authorsLECTIONS In Lieu of Conclusion A Postscript
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