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Proton-transfer reactions in the cathodic reduction of bromohydrins in neutral aprotic media

16 Aug 1993-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry (Elsevier)-Vol. 354, pp 223-230
Abstract: Polarographic and cyclic voltammetric studies of bromohydrins in acetonitrile showed a single diffusion-limited two-electron irreversible cathodic wave/peak followed by chemical transformations Controlled-potential electrolyses of the compounds gave a mixture of two products with epoxide as one of them in all cases The mechanism of reduction is discussed in the light of proton-transfer reactions in neutral aprotic media more

Topics: Acetonitrile (52%)
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Abstract: was developed for solving the integral equations obtained from the boundary value problems, and extensive data were calculated which permit construction of stationary electrode polarograms from theory. Correlations of kinetic and experimental parameters made it possible to develop diagnostic criteria so that unknown systems can be characterized by studying the variation of peak current, half-peak potential, or ratio of anodic to cathodic peak currents as a function of rate of voltage scan. more

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