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Review of two-phase flow instability

01 Jul 1973-Nuclear Engineering and Design (North-Holland)-Vol. 25, Iss: 2, pp 165-192
TL;DR: In this paper, the authors identify the causes and mechanisms of thermal-hydrodynamic instabilities in boiling flow in a water-cooled reactor, an evaporator, or an electronic cooling system.
About: This article is published in Nuclear Engineering and Design.The article was published on 1973-07-01. It has received 708 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Instability & Boiling.
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TL;DR: A survey of theories of immiscible mixtures can be found in this article, where it is emphasized that the immiscibility of such mixtures has important consequences concerning the forms of the constitutive equations, and that it can also result in the mixtures exhibiting microstructural effects.

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TL;DR: The most popular models to predict the two-phase flow dynamic instabilities, namely the homogenous flow model and the drift-flux models are clarified with the solution examples and the validation of the model results with experimental findings are also provided.

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Cites background or methods from "Review of two-phase flow instabilit..."

  • ...[2] proposed the widely accepted classification of two-phase flow instabilities based on the distinction between the static and dynamic instabilities explained above....


  • ...[2] analyzed density-wave oscillations using an energy principle based on Lyapunov’s second method....


  • ...[2], Bergles [4,5], Yadigaroglu [31], Ishii [32], Lahey [3] and Kakac and Liu [33]....


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TL;DR: In this article, a wide range of pulsating heat pipes is experimentally studied and the influence of gravity and number of turns on the performance of closed loop pulsing heat pipes (CLPHPs) is analyzed.

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TL;DR: In this article, a simultaneous visualization and measurement study has been carried out to investigate effects of inlet/outlet configurations on flow boiling instabilities in parallel microchannels, having a length of 30 mm and a hydraulic diameter of 186 μm.

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Cites background from "Review of two-phase flow instabilit..."

  • ...[1] identified the causes and mechanisms of flow boiling instability modes, and suggested that two-phase flow instabilities in a single macrochannel could be divided into dynamic and static categories....


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TL;DR: An updated review of two-phase flow instabilities including experimental and analytical results regarding density-wave and pressure-drop oscillations, as well as Ledinegg excursions, is presented in this article.

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01 Jan 1956
TL;DR: In this article, the authors discuss the two-phase flow and show that it is possible to predict the instability of the two phases of two phase flow and the two phase pool boiling crisis.
Abstract: 1.Introduction 2.Pool Boiling 3.Hydrodynamics of Two-Phase Flow 4.Flow Boiling 5.Flow Boiling Crisis 6.Instability of Two-Phase Flow Appendix References Index

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01 Jan 1970
TL;DR: Two phase mixtures thermally induced flow oscillations, discussing scaling criteria, phase change numbers and stability boundaries were discussed in this paper, where the phase change number and scaling criteria were discussed.
Abstract: Two phase mixtures thermally induced flow oscillations, discussing scaling criteria, phase change numbers and stability boundaries

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