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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1080/08874417.2019.1571457

Social Networking Site Use, Positive Emotions, and Job Performance

04 Mar 2021-Journal of Computer Information Systems (Informa UK Limited)-Vol. 61, Iss: 2, pp 163-173
Abstract: With the increasing use of social networking sites, within and outside work hours, it is reasonable to ask whether that use has any impact on job performance and why. This study draws on the techno...

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Topics: Job performance (66%), Job satisfaction (65%), Organizational commitment (60%) ... read more

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.18510/HSSR.2019.7658
Abstract: The purpose: The purpose of this study was to find the impact of organizational commitment and Job satisfaction on nurses’ job performance. Methodology: The study conducted at the hospital of Ibn al-Athir and employed a quantitative method by structured questionnaires to collect the data. 200 questionnaires were distributed randomly and only 108 valid surveys likewise; the valid questionnaires have been analyzed by SPSS to exam the impact of organizational commitment and job satisfaction on job performance. Findings: the results indicated there is a positive and significant impact of Job satisfaction on nurses' performance. However, the three components of organizational commitment, Affective Commitment, Continuance Commitment, and Normative Commitment have a positive and significant impact on nurse's performance. The findings of this research indicate that employees ' job satisfaction and organizational commitment components play a critical role in nurses' performance. Implications: of this study to enrich the body of literature in the context of Iraq, which is suffering from a lack of studies related to nurses' performance. Novelty: the study provided useful and valuable recommendations to hospitals to increase nurse performance in the context of Iraq.

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Topics: Organizational commitment (73%), Job performance (68%), Job satisfaction (66%) ... read more

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01 Jan 2014-
Abstract: This study aims to determine the role of treasurer’s experience and knowledge on Permendagri (Minister Regulation) No. 55/2008 to create the effectiveness of administration and preparation of the accountability reporting system. This study is an explanatory survey using primary data. The scope of the study includes the new expanded regional governments, namely; the districts of Batubara, Padang Lawas, South Labuhan Batu and North Labuhan Batu. The effectiveness of the administration and preparation of the accountability reporting system is used as a dependent variable and both treasurer’s experience and knowledge are the independent variables. The study population comprises of 310 people where 115 people are selected as the sample using the purposive random sampling method. The study founds that the experience variable does not affect the effectiveness of the administration and preparation of the accountability reporting system; meanwhile, the knowledge variable has an effect on the effectiveness of the administration and preparation of the accountability reporting system.

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1108/INTR-09-2018-0439
18 Feb 2020-Internet Research
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate how enterprise social media (ESM) use combats turnover by impacting work perceptions, and ultimately turnover intention.,This study undertook a survey at a major information technology (IT) corporation. Data from a total of 276 working professionals were collected to test the proposed research model.,The structural equation modeling results show that ESM increase workplace integration; workplace integration decreased turnover intention, augmented job satisfaction and also reduced job tensions (perceived work stress) – job satisfaction and work stress perceptions influenced turnover intention.,Low response bias is one of the limitations in this study, although this study used a priori and post hoc measures to mitigate non-response bias. This study contributed to the theory by improving our understanding of the role of ESM in combating turnover by impacting work perceptions through the lens of social capital and emotional dissonance theories. This study also has practical implications for managers. The results suggest that incorporating ESM within organizations improves employees' perceptions and behaviors – providing an option for managers to consider it as a way to save costs associated with employee turnover.,Although several studies have been conducted on ESM, our understanding of the impact of ESM on work perceptions and turnover is still far from complete. This paper helps to close the gap in literature by improving our understanding of how ESM combats turnover by influencing work perceptions in an organization, which provides an essential contribution to research and practice in the field.

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Topics: Job satisfaction (55%)

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1007/S40171-021-00280-Y
Abstract: The purpose of this meta-analytic research is to obtain a clear and unified result for the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance, as previous research has shown contradictions in this regard. A total of 913 articles in both English and Persian languages were obtained from four databases, and finally, 113 articles with 123 independent data were selected and analyzed. The random-effects model was adopted based on results, and the analysis resulted a medium, positive, and significant relationship between job performance and job satisfaction (r = 0.339; 95% CI = 0.303 to 0.374; P = 0.000). Finally, the country of India was identified as a moderator variable. The publication, language, selection, and citation biases have been examined in this study. Increasing and improving the job performance of employees have always been an important issue for organizations. The results of this study can be useful for managers in different industries, especially for Indian professionals in both public and private sectors, to better plan and manage the satisfaction and the performance of their employees. Also, Indian scholars can use these results to localize the global research in this regard.

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Topics: Job satisfaction (70%), Job performance (69%), Moderation (54%)

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Jacob Cohen1Institutions (1)
01 Dec 1969-
Abstract: Contents: Prefaces. The Concepts of Power Analysis. The t-Test for Means. The Significance of a Product Moment rs (subscript s). Differences Between Correlation Coefficients. The Test That a Proportion is .50 and the Sign Test. Differences Between Proportions. Chi-Square Tests for Goodness of Fit and Contingency Tables. The Analysis of Variance and Covariance. Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis. Set Correlation and Multivariate Methods. Some Issues in Power Analysis. Computational Procedures.

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Topics: Goodness of fit (61%), Contingency table (57%), Effect size (56%) ... read more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.2307/249008
Fred D. Davis1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Valid measurement scales for predicting user acceptance of computers are in short supply. Most subjective measures used in practice are unvalidated, and their relationship to system usage is unknown. The present research develops and validates new scales for two specific variables, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, which are hypothesized to be fundamental determinants of user acceptance. Definitions of these two variables were used to develop scale items that were pretested for content validity and then tested for reliability and construct validity in two studies involving a total of 152 users and four application programs. The measures were refined and streamlined, resulting in two six-item scales with reliabilities of .98 for usefulness and .94 for ease of use. The scales exhibited hgih convergent, discriminant, and factorial validity. Perceived usefulness was significnatly correlated with both self-reported current usage r = .63, Study 1) and self-predicted future usage r = .85, Study 2). Perceived ease of use was also significantly correlated with current usage r = .45, Study 1) and future usage r = .59, Study 2). In both studies, usefulness had a signficnatly greater correaltion with usage behavior than did ease of use. Regression analyses suggest that perceived ease of use may actually be a causal antecdent to perceived usefulness, as opposed to a parallel, direct determinant of system usage. Implications are drawn for future research on user acceptance.

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01 Aug 1975-
Abstract: I: Background.- 1. An Introduction.- 2. Conceptualizations of Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination.- II: Self-Determination Theory.- 3. Cognitive Evaluation Theory: Perceived Causality and Perceived Competence.- 4. Cognitive Evaluation Theory: Interpersonal Communication and Intrapersonal Regulation.- 5. Toward an Organismic Integration Theory: Motivation and Development.- 6. Causality Orientations Theory: Personality Influences on Motivation.- III: Alternative Approaches.- 7. Operant and Attributional Theories.- 8. Information-Processing Theories.- IV: Applications and Implications.- 9. Education.- 10. Psychotherapy.- 11. Work.- 12. Sports.- References.- Author Index.

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