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Sociologie de la bourgeoisie

Michel Pinçon, +1 more
- 01 Jan 2001 - 
- Vol. 42, Iss: 1, pp 184-186
This article is published in Revue Francaise De Sociologie.The article was published on 2001-01-01. It has received 92 citations till now.

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Are post-human technologies dehumanizing? Human enhancement and artificial intelligence in contemporary societies

TL;DR: The authors argue that post-human technologies, such as human enhancements and artificial intelligence, blur or displace the boundaries of our common humanity, and argue in realist fashion that we should consider both the natural powers harnessed by posthuman technologies and the social contexts through which the latter are designed, produced, marketed and consumed.
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Regulação do trabalho dos professores da elite

TL;DR: In this article, an assessment system that has been frequently used in Argentina as well as in a global scale, via implementation of the International Baccalaureate Program, is presented.

Globalising European Urban Bourgeoisies Rooted Middle Classes and Partial Exit in Paris, Lyon, Madrid & Milan

TL;DR: Andreotti et al. as discussed by the authors studied the root-middle-classes and partial exit in Paris, Lyon, Madrid, and Milan, in the context of the Globalising European Urban Bourgeoisies.
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D'un investissement culturel à l'autre. Deux générations d'employé(e)s à la FNAC

Vincent Chabault
- 01 Sep 2009 - 
TL;DR: In this article, the authors analyse the trajectories of deux generations of salariers in the FNAC and propose an analysis of their trajectories through l'histoire sociale of l'entreprise.

Dynamiques scolaires et recompositions socio-territoriales à Marseille

TL;DR: A Marseille, les recompositions socio-spatiales entrainent une evolution des contextes de scolarisation which determinent des pratiques scolaires differenciees sur le territoire.