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Solution of inverse problem using time reversal techniques

21 Jun 2011-Vol. 1335, Iss: 1, pp 623-630
Abstract: Inverse problem solutions in NDE can be broadly classified as model‐based approach and system‐based approach. In model‐based approach an accurate forward model is used in an iterative framework to provide a defect shape that minimizes the error between the measured signal and a simulated signal. However this approach results in repeated executions of a three dimensional forward model in each iteration, making it computationally demanding. This paper presents a direct approach to inversion using principles of time reversal. The feasibility of the approach is demonstrated via application to microwave NDE data. A two‐dimensional finite difference time domain model for simulating the propagation of forward and time reversed wave fields is first developed. The key advantage of the approach is that it provides a model‐based inversion method that is not iterative. Simulation and experimental results validating the approach are presented.
Topics: Inverse problem (53%)
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01 Jan 1982-
Abstract: The Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE is the world's leading conference in reporting annually new research and development results in quantitative NDE. The conference reports on both fundamental and applied advances in NDE and promotes communication between the research and engineering communities and emphasize current reporting of work in progress. Attendees include representatives of academia (including students), industry, and government with approximately one-half coming from the United States and the other half from overseas. This volume represents the best report of ongoing work that is available anywhere. Connections and overlap with the medical diagnostic community are highlighted.

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