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Study on the HSE Management at Construction Site of Oil and Gas Processing Area

In this article, the authors analyzed and researched the main reasons of the accidents in Jidong Oilfield, and proposed improvement measures to improve the level of HSE management and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards.
This article is published in Procedia Engineering.The article was published on 2012-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 12 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Fossil fuel.

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Facilitating Mindful Safety Practices among First Line Workers in Chinese Petroleum Industry through Safety Management Practices and Safety Motivation

TL;DR: In this paper, six dimensions of safety behavior of employees in the Petroleum Industry are discussed. But, the authors focus on the safety behavior only of employees and do not consider the safety behaviour of all employees.
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A Hybrid Algorithm for the Reliability Evaluation Models of Chemical Systems

TL;DR: The two-step GA–BP was proposed to resolve the over-fitting problem of artificial neural network with complex input parameters and the resulting average relative error of the hybrid algorithm was 2.36%, while the conventional algorithm was 10.28%.
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Health, safety and environmental unit performance assessment model under uncertainty (case study: steel industry)

TL;DR: The objective of this study is to present an HSE-MS unit performance assessment model in steel industries and to answer the following question: what are the factors that affect HSE unit system in the steel industry?
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Strategic alignment of project management with health, safety and environmental management

TL;DR: In this paper, a model based on structural equations was designed and developed to investigate the impact of project management on health monitoring programs, safety prevention monitoring, environmental monitoring plans and finally the effectiveness of professional health monitoring.
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The Influence of Safety-Specific Transformational Leadership and Safety Management Practices on Mindful Safety Practices through Safety Motivation: A Study in the Chinese Petroleum Industry

TL;DR: In this article, the authors consider the employees' safety behavior plays an extraordinary role in the high-risk industry, where potential hazards related to safety, health, and environment exist.
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Analysis on hse management by objectives for project construction

TL;DR: The present situation of HSE management by objectives for project construction is analyzed and the necessity for HSE objective management is explained, with some thoughts on MBO.
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CNPC' s HSE-MS model establishment and practice

TL;DR: Wang et al. as discussed by the authors developed a practical HSE-MS model use for deferent management level, which is suitable for China' s management practice, and is also satisfy with the international HSE regulations.
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Implementation status and improvement recommendations of HSE system management in basic units of petrochemical enterprise

TL;DR: Improvement recommendations of HSE system management in basic units of petrochemical enterprise were proposed and the ideas of "people-oriented" in HSE management should be implemented.
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