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Técnicas cualitativas de investigación social

The article was published on 1999-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 596 citations till now.

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Los modos de análisis en investigación cualitativa en salud: perspectiva crítica y reflexiones en voz alta

TL;DR: In this article, a vision panoramica of the paradigmas, metodologias, and orientaciones teoricas that han inspired the analisis cualitativos in el contexto de las ciencias de la salud is presented.
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Ecosystem Services Flows: Why Stakeholders' Power Relationships Matter

TL;DR: An adaptation of the “cascade” framework for ecosystem services is proposed to integrate the analysis of ecological interactions among ecosystem services and stakeholders’ interactions, reflecting power relationships that mediate ecosystem services flows.
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La técnica de grupos focales

TL;DR: The panorama de la tecnica de grupos focales can be found in this article, a herramienta de la investigacion cualitativa, que ha demostrado ser una fuente de informacion de enorme riqueza, for la investigación en educacion medica, por su sensibilidad para indagar conocimientos, normas, and valores de determinados grupos.
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Observación, entrevista y grupo de discusión: el silencio de tres prácticas de investigación

TL;DR: In this article, the authors developed the presentation of three qualitative social research practices from their design as producing different social situations which, in turn, take on the nature of immediate contexts which favor respective articulations between the practical norms of specific social groups and the dominant social norms in society at large.
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Theory and practice in the construction of professional identity in nursing students: a qualitative study.

TL;DR: For students, both strategies (theory and practice) are vital to nursing education and the construction of a professional identity, although pride of place is given to clinical placements and mentors.