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The Emperor Maurice and His Historian: Theophylact Simocatta on Persian and Balkan Warfare

The history of the Persian war under Justin II and Tiberius (572-582) and the Balkan war in Maurice's reign aftermath is described in this paper, where the authors present a geographical and historical setting.
List of maps. List of abbreviations. Part 1 Emperor and author: Maurice the emperor Theophylact the author. Part 2 The Balkan wars: introduction the Balkans before 582 the sources the Balkans in Maurice's reign the Balkans after 602. Part 3 The Persian war: introduction geographical and historical setting the sources the war under Justin II and Tiberius (572-582) the war in Maurice's reign aftermath. Part 4 Historiography: Theophylact the historian the end of traditions. Select bibliography. Index.

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Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests

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Des soldats de l'armée romaine tardive : les protectores (IIIe-VIe siècles ap. J.-C.)

Maxime Emion
TL;DR: Les protectores diuini lateris Augusti, soldats de haut rang attestes dans l’armee romaine entre le IIIe siecle and le VIe Siecle, ont ete consideres tour a tour par les historiens comme des gardes du corps imperiaux, des officiers d’etat-major, ou les successeurs des centurions as mentioned in this paper.
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