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The end of the Holocaust

01 Jan 1990-
About: The article was published on 1990-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 2 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: The Holocaust.
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01 Jan 2004
TL;DR: In this paper, GILBERT et al. discuss the role and identity of women in old and new wars, and the impact of ideological interests on state behaviour and the outcome of military conflict.
Abstract: Acknowledgements Introduction Part I: Understanding War and Terrorism Paul GILBERT: Roles and Identities in Old and New Wars Susan G. SAMPLE: The Impact of Ideational Interests on State Behaviour and the Outcome of Militarised Disputes Paul REXTON KAN: Globalisation and the Just War Tradition: The Vexing Problem of Legitimate Authority Bradd C. HAYES and Thomas P.M. BARNETT: System Perturbation: Conflict in the Age of Globalization Maura CONWAY: Cyberterrorism: Media Myth or Clear and Present Danger? Part II: War and Morality Michael L. GROSS: Assassination: Killing in the Shadow of Self-Defence Asa KASHER: Civil Disobedience and Military Ethics Part III: Representations of War Deborah A. GOMEZ: The Exclusion of American Nurses from the Imagery of Liberation Martin BAYER: Playing War in Computer Games: Images, Myths and Reality Christopher MACALLISTER: Contemporary British Cinema and the Re-imagining of World War Two: A Virtual/Humane Sensibility to War and a 'New' Grammar of Heroism Jones IRWIN: The 'Problem' (Not the 'Theorem') of War: On Pasolini's Salo Part IV. Whither Peace? Edward HORGAN: Peace and Virtual Peace: Challenges to War Agata DZIEWULSKA: Cross-Track Approach: A Remedy to Post-Conflict Peace Building? Notes on Contributors

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TL;DR: The impact of the holocaust on British society and culture is discussed in this article, where the authors consider the effects of the Holocaust on British culture and society, and present a survey of the impact.
Abstract: (1991). The impact of the holocaust on British society and culture. Contemporary Record: Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 349-375.

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