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The History of Theophylact Simocatta

Michael DiMaio, +2 more
- 01 Jan 1987 - 
- Vol. 80, Iss: 4, pp 324
This article is published in Classical World.The article was published on 1987-01-01. It has received 131 citations till now.

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Other Routes to Byzantium

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Western Approaches (900–1025)

TL;DR: In contrast, Byzantine relations with the western west in the early 9th century have a "Cheshire cat" character in comparison with 9th-century exchanges as mentioned in this paper, and very little attention is paid to the west by Byzantine writers even when Saxon potentates begin to intervene in Italy and bedeck themselves with imperial trimmings.
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Byzantine Italy (680–876)

Thomas Brown
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The Catholic Visigothic kingdom

A. Barbero, +1 more
TL;DR: The Liber Iudiciorum, a great compilation of law initiated by Chindasuinth and completed by Reccesuinth in 654 as discussed by the authors, was the first attempt to establish dynastic succession in the Visigoth Kingdom.
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The Greek Rump States and the Recovery of Byzantium

TL;DR: The Byzantine ruling class was disorientated and uprooted by the fall of Byzantium in 1205 as mentioned in this paper, and the Constantinopolitan elite sought refuge where they could.