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The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban Space

Scott McQuire
The Uncanny Home as mentioned in this paper is a collection of articles about the state of the art in public and private spaces in the media city of the United States, focusing on public spaces: street, lights, and screens.
Introduction The Uncanny Home PART ONE: THRESHOLDS OF THE MEDIA CITY The Territory of Images The City in Fragments Liquid Cities PART TWO: PUBLIC SPACE: STREETS, LIGHTS AND SCREENS Electropolis Performing Public Space PART THREE: PRIVATE SPACE: FROM GLASS ARCHITECTURE TO BIG BROTHER The Glass House The Digital Home Conclusion

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Metrolingual multitasking and spatial repertoires: ‘Pizza mo two minutes coming’

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors describe the ways in which linguistic resources, everyday tasks and social space are intertwined in terms of metro-lingual multitasking and argue that a focus on resources, repertoires, space, place and activity helps us understand how multilingualism from below operates in complex urban places.
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Naturecultures? Science, affect and the non-human

TL;DR: In this article, the authors focus on the affective dimension of the meaning and politics of human/non-human relations in the domain of science, and propose new epistemologies/ontologies that undercut the usual ordering of relations and their dichotomies.
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The gloomy city: Rethinking the relationship between light and dark:

TL;DR: The potential for conviviality and intimacy to be fostered in the dark, the aesthetics and atmospherics of darkness and shadow, the possibilities for apprehending the world through other senses and the dismissal of the star-saturated... as mentioned in this paper explores the various qualities of darkness that have contributed to the experience of the city.
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Communication Geography: A Bridge Between Disciplines

TL;DR: Christiansen and Just as mentioned in this paper called for a fundamental restructuring of research paradigms in geography and media/communication studies to form a bridge between core concerns of the two disciplines.
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Digital Photography and Picture Sharing: Redefining the Public/Private Divide

TL;DR: For instance, taking pictures or filming videos of strangers in public places and showing them in webs like Flickr or YouTube, or making self-portraits available to strangers in instant messenger, social network sites, or photo blogs are becoming a current practice for a growing number of Internet users as mentioned in this paper.