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The reaction of vanadate with diphenylcarbazide

01 Jan 1957-Naturwissenschaften (Springer-Verlag)-Vol. 44, Iss: 19, pp 511-512
About: This article is published in Naturwissenschaften.The article was published on 1957-01-01. It has received 1 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: Diphenylcarbazide & Vanadate.
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01 Mar 2017-Talanta
TL;DR: The ITD separation was effective for matrix isolation and reduction of interferences, and potential cationic interferences were not transferred into the anionic Cr(VI) acceptor stream.

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  • ...In the present study, we fully optimize the use of ITD based Cr speciation with DPC-based measurement, with special attention to matrix isolation and interference in Cr(VI) measurements by metal cations [25-28] and anions [29,30]....


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TL;DR: The mechanism of the classical color reaction between chromate and carbazide has been studied in solution from various physico-chcmical points of view as discussed by the authors, which leads to the conclusion that tlie chromate-carbazidc reaction is a composite one involving preliminary oxidation followed subsequently by complex formation.

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