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Tongues-tied: The making of a "national language" and the discovery of dialects in meiji Japan

01 Jun 2010-The American Historical Review (Oxford University Press)-Vol. 115, Iss: 3, pp 714-731
About: This article is published in The American Historical Review.The article was published on 2010-06-01 and is currently open access. It has received 11 citations till now. The article focuses on the topics: National language.
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01 Jan 2013
TL;DR: In this paper, the authors present a map of Japan and a discussion of Japanese identity creation and development, including pre-Japanese national identity and the Heterogeneous nature of the Japanese Archipelago: the Edo Period.
Abstract: 3 Map of Japan 4 Introduction 5 Chapter 1. Japanese Identity Creation and Development 8 Section 1. Pre-Japanese National Identity and the Heterogeneous nature of the Japanese Archipelago: the Edo Period 9 Section 2. Japanese National Identity Creation: The Meiji Period 11 Section 3. Post WWII development 13 Conclusion 16 Chapter 2. Contemporary Japanese Identity 17 Section 1. Japanese society and identity: the Narrative of Homogeneity 18 Section 2. Internal Threats to Japanese National Identity and the Japanese State's Responses 20 Conclusion 26 Chapter 3. International Refugee Regime: Japan's response 27 Section 1. Refugees as immigrants: threat to Homogeneity 27 Section 2. UN Third-Country Resettlement Program: Engagement with the refugee regime and securing homogeneity 33 Conclusion 35 Conclusion 36 Glossary 38 Bibliography 40