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Vertical GaN Split Gate Trench MOSFET with Improved High Frequency FOM

10 Dec 2020-

AbstractUsing TCAD Simulation, we present a systematic analysis and comparison of a new vertical GaN split gate trench MOSFET (SGT-MOSFET) with a conventional trench gate MOS-FET for 600 V switching applications We have calibrated our simulation models to match the experimental data as available in the literature We show that the SGT-MOSFET exhibits 7 times lower HF-FOM (C rss ×R on ) and 3 times lower HF-FOM (Q GD × R on ) without increase in the specific on-resistance, when compared to that of conventional MOSFET We, also have presented the main process steps required for the fabrication of the proposed device These improvements are important for reducing the conduction and switching losses, and making high frequency power conversion more efficient more

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Abstract: Recent success with the fabrication of high-performance GaN-on-Si high-voltage HFETs has made this technology a contender for power electronic applications. This paper discusses the properties of GaN that make it an attractive alternative to established silicon and emerging SiC power devices. Progress in development of vertical power devices from bulk GaN is reviewed followed by analysis of the prospects for GaN-on-Si HFET structures. Challenges and innovative solutions to creating enhancement-mode power switches are reviewed.

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Abstract: We present a comprehensive study of the transport dynamics of electrons in the ternary compounds, Al/sub x/Ga/sub 1-x/N and In/sub x/Ga/sub 1-x/N. Calculations are made using a nonparabolic effective mass energy band model. Monte Carlo simulation that includes all of the major scattering mechanisms. The band parameters used in the simulation are extracted from optimized pseudopotential band calculations to ensure excellent agreement with experimental information and ab initio band models. The effects of alloy scattering on the electron transport physics are examined. The steady state velocity field curves and low field mobilities are calculated for representative compositions of these alloys at different temperatures and ionized impurity concentrations. A field dependent mobility model is provided for both ternary compounds AlGaN and InGaN. The parameters for the low and high field mobility models for these ternary compounds are extracted and presented. The mobility models can be employed in simulations of devices that incorporate the ternary III-nitrides.

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Abstract: In this paper, we report on 1.2-kV-class vertical GaN-based trench metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) on a free-standing GaN substrate with a low specific on-resistance. A redesigned epitaxial layer structure following our previous work with a regular hexagonal trench gate layout enables us to reduce the specific on-resistance to as low as 1.8 mΩcm2 while obtaining a sufficient blocking voltage for 1.2-kV-class operation. Normally-off operation with a threshold voltage of 3.5 V is also demonstrated. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on vertical GaN-based MOSFETs with a specific on-resistance of less than 2 mΩcm2.

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Abstract: A novel method for fabricating trench structures on GaN was developed. A smooth non-polar (1100) plane was obtained by wet etching using tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) as the etchant. A U-shape trench with the (1100) plane side walls was formed with dry etching and the TMAH wet etching. A U-shape trench gate metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) was also fabricated using the novel etching technology. This device has the excellent normally-off operation of drain current–gate voltage characteristics with the threshold voltage of 10 V. The drain breakdown voltage of 180 V was obtained. The results indicate that the trench gate structure can be applied to GaN-based transistors.

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Abstract: This paper reports the characteristics of vertical GaN-based trench metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors on a free-standing GaN substrate with a blocking voltage of 16 kV The high blocking voltage was obtained by using field plate edge termination around the isolation mesa of the transistor To our knowledge, the blocking voltage is the highest ever reported for vertical GaN-based transistors on free-standing GaN substrates Normally off operation with a threshold voltage of 7 V is also demonstrated

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