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Visco-elastic constant recovery in the absence of known material symmetry

14 May 2002-Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (American Institute of Physics)-Vol. 615, Iss: 1, pp 1423-1430

Abstract: In many cases, full knowledge of the material properties is required to facilitate design of a composite structure. Even in cases where the planes of symmetry of the material are nominally well defined, significant variation of these planes can exist due to fiber misorientation and other variation. This paper presents initial results for determining the plane of symmetry of an orthotropic material and a monoclinic material. The concept is extensible to a triclinic material and does not assume a-priori knowledge of the material. The experiments are performed using contact ultrasonic measurements of small specimens are easily extended to the visco-elastic properties of the same materials.
Topics: Orthotropic material (62%), Plane symmetry (58%), Material properties (55%), Misorientation (54%), Symmetry (physics) (52%)
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30 Dec 2003
Abstract: : The ability of a single acoustic element to produce a compact time domain signal from a multi-mode solid cylindrical waveguide using a time-reversal mirror (TRM) is considered. Two single element longitudinal contact transducers were used to excite and receive multiple longitudinal modes in a fused quartz waveguide in a TRM experiment. The TRM is demonstrated to be effective with the limited information from a single longitudinal transducer. Experimental results are presented along with a simple interpretation that shows how a TRM with only a single element can be used as a practical sensor.

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01 Jan 1973
Abstract: This work, part of a two-volume set, applies the material developed in the Volume One to various boundary value problems (reflection and refraction at plane surfaces, composite media, waveguides and resonators). The text also covers topics such as perturbation and variational methods.

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