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Visions of Belonging: Family Stories, Popular Culture, and Postwar Democracy, 1940-1960

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as mentioned in this paper is a classic story about a working-class family in the early 1930s, and it was adapted for TV by Lillian Smith and Lola Hansberry.
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“To Be a Man”: Progressive Masculinities in Lorraine Hansberry’s Cold War-Civil Rights Plays

TL;DR: Burrell as discussed by the authors reinterpreted the most well-known civil rights play, A Raisin in the Sun (1959), arguing that playwright Lorraine Hansberry situates the fight for civil rights firmly within black left feminist politics.
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Close-Up: Civil Rights, Labor, and Sexual Politics on Screen in Nothing But a Man (1964)

Judith E. Smith
- 01 Jan 2012 - 
TL;DR: This paper argued that the film's unusual attention to labor and gender politics as key elements both of racial subordination and liberation resulted from an unusual and productive, though not egalitarian, collaboration across racial lines.