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When and how does customer engagement in CSR initiatives lead to greater CSR participation? The role of CSR credibility and customer–company identification

In this paper, the effects of customers' perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on their CSR participation intention via customer-company identification (C-C identification) via a survey of 567 South Korean bank customers were investigated.
This study aims to investigate the effects of customers' perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on their CSR participation intention via customer–company identification (C–C identification). The authors also examine how CSR credibility strengthens the customers' CSR perception–C–C identification relationship and the indirect relationship between CSR perception and CSR participation intention through C–C identification. We conducted a survey of 567 South Korean bank customers and performed structural equation modeling to test our hypotheses. C–C identification partially mediated the relationship between customers' CSR perception and CSR participation intention. The positive association between customers' CSR perception and C–C identification was more pronounced when CSR credibility was higher than when it was lower. CSR credibility further moderated the indirect effect of customers' CSR perception and CSR participation intention through C‐C identification. This study deepens CSR research by showing how a cognitive CSR perception leads to a behavioral CSR participation based on a research model.

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Role of green financing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in technological innovation and corporate environmental performance: a COVID-19 perspective

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors investigated the relationship between technological innovation and corporate environmental performance among energy companies working in Egypt and found that technological innovation influenced environmental performance and had a positive impact on company performance.
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Corporate social responsibility and brand passion among consumers: Theory and evidence

TL;DR: In this paper, the impact of consumers' perceptions associated with corporate social responsibility (CSR) on brand attachment and brand trust and, consequently, consumer brand passion is examined. And the mediating roles of brand attachment, trust, and trust play a fully mediating role.
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Outcomes: Interrelations of External and Internal Orientations with Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

TL;DR: In this article, the authors bring together social identity and social exchange perspectives to develop and test a moderated mediation model that sheds light on employees' perceptions regarding the interrelations between an organization's external and internal CSR initiatives and their job attitudes and work behaviours.
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CSR during COVID-19: exploring select organizations’ intents and activities

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors explored the immediate proactive corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts undertaken by select organizations in India in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the approach they have adopted toward it.
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Back-Translation for Cross-Cultural Research

TL;DR: The authors investigated factors that affect translation quality and how equivalence between source and target versions can be evaluated through an analysis of variance design, and concluded that translation quality can be predicted, and that a functionally equivalent translation can be demonstrated when responses to the original and target translations are studied.
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Sources of Method Bias in Social Science Research and Recommendations on How to Control It

TL;DR: The meaning of the terms "method" and "method bias" are explored and whether method biases influence all measures equally are examined, and the evidence of the effects that method biases have on individual measures and on the covariation between different constructs is reviewed.
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Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations

TL;DR: In this paper, the scope and range of ethnocentrism in group behavior is discussed. But the focus is on the individual and not on the group as a whole, rather than the entire group.
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Corporate Social and Financial Performance: A Meta-Analysis

TL;DR: This article conducted a meta-analysis of 52 studies and found that corporate virtue in the form of social responsibility and, to a lesser extent, environmental responsibility is likely to pay off, although the operationalizations of CSP and CFP also moderate the positive association.
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Alumni and their alma mater: A partial test of the reformulated model of organizational identification

TL;DR: In this article, self-report data from 297 alumni of an all-male religious college indicate that identification with the alma mater was associated with: (1) the hypothesized organizational antecedents of organizational distinctiveness, organizational prestige, and (absence of) intraorganizational competition, but not with interorganization competition, the hypothesized individual antecedent of satisfaction with the organization, tenure as students, and sentimentality, not with recency of attendance, number of schools attended, or the existence of a mentor, and hypothesized outcomes of making financial contributions, willingness to
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