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Are dates good for stomach inflammation? 

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So it can be said that consumption of dates is beneficial for healthy living; it should be incorporated in our daily lifestyle.

Although several forms of dates—such as fresh dates, date paste, and date syrup—are available in the market and used for different applications, free-flow date powder would be highly beneficial in improving shelf-life, ease of handling, and blendability with various foods prepared domestically and in industry.

There was a significant difference between the results for rutab vs commercial tamer dates (P<0.05), but other comparisons failed to reach statistical significance. Khalas dates, when eaten alone or in mixed meals with plain yoghurt have low glycaemic indexes.

Although dates are sugar-packed, many date varieties are low GI diet and refutes the dogma that dates are similar to candies and regular consumption would develop chronic diseases.

This detailed information on nutritional and health promoting components of dates and their seeds will enhance our knowledge and appreciation for the use of dates in our daily diet and their seeds as a functional food ingredient.

In the other hand, dates served as a good source of natural antioxidants and could potentially be considered as a functional food.

These results show that dates are nutritious and can play a major role in human nutrition and health.

Because chronic gut inflammation may be a driver for systemic inflammation, the prevention and control of intestinal inflammation represents a promising research strategy.

This work demonstrates the potential of Iranian dates as good sources of antioxidant which can be used as functional food ingredients.

The beneficial microbial flora in fermented dates contributes to maintaining the nutritional properties of dates by preventing the growth of spoilage fungi.