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Are noise headphones good? 

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Compared to other noise sources, data on low frequency noise are limited, and further studies are clearly needed.

However, I argue that headphones can also fundamentally change the way that private, personal and public spaces can bleed into each other, and that different technical modes of listening (amplified, unamplified, public address, personal stereo, monophonic, spatialized … ) produce differing phenomenologies of performance.

However, persons who choose to exercise with personal headphones or in a noisy environment should be aware of potential premature hearing loss.

The high degrees of noise reduction, which are 14.9 dB for the airplane noise and 20.4 dB for the house heater noise, obtained from the experimental tests confirm the feasibility of the ANC earmuffs application.

These results suggest that portable radios with headphones may be capable of causing permanent hearing loss in a large proportion of radio users.

Our results demonstrate that earable devices have a superior signal-to-noise ratio under the influence of motion artefacts and are less susceptible to acoustic environment noise.

They also highlight the benefits of a simple countermeasure such as noise cancelling headphones in mitigating some of the detrimental effects of noise on performance.

The results show a very good evaluation of noise with low and moderate amplitudes.

The data from this study indicate that there is a distinct advantage in using insert earphones over TDH-49 phones (standard headphones) in the attenuation of low frequency ambient noise.

The results provide documented evidence for the use of noise reduction headphones for task attention.