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Are radar detector illegal in Cali? 

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Numerical results shown that, in heavy-tailed clutter and also when several interfering targets exist, the proposed detector outperforms the conventional CFAR detector based on binary integration.

While the focus of this paper is on loop detectors, with only minor modification the algorithm should also be applicable to other detector technologies, e.g., side-fire microwave radar.

This FCC rule impacts ground penetrating radar manufacture, sale and use in the United States (and in other countries whose rules are linked to FCC regulations).

The new concept of the SDR radar can be useful in various applications of the education, traffic monitoring and safety, security, and surveillance depending on the various radar environments.

A comparison between radar and photography indicates that radar performed surprisingly well in crop discrimination in western Kansas and warrants further study.

In conclusion the radar demonstrates its potential to attain adequate situational awareness, however the limits of single sensor tracking are also pointed out.

Experimental results, conducted by the recorded radar data, show that the proposed detector outperforms the conventional detectors.

The digital beam-forming ubiquitous radar is a method for achieving significant radar capabilities not readily available with conventional radar architectures.