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Can donating plasma make your kidneys hurt? 

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Diabetic donor kidneys appear associated with higher mortality risk compared with nondiabetic donor kidneys, but offer greater survival benefit compared with remaining on the waitlist for many candidates.

Our analysis demonstrates that transplanting medium-quality kidneys into elderly recipients does not provide significant advantage over low-quality kidneys.

These data suggest that diabetic kidneys can be safely used without risk to patient or graft survival.

Historical understanding of the kidney in plasma cell disorders reflects developments in understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the kidneys in health and in disease.

This information should be reassuring for concerned people who are considering donating a kidney.

Although KFTS kidneys have less favorable donor, graft, and recipient risk factors than NKAS kidneys, short-term graft and patient outcomes are acceptable.

The results revealed a significantly greater proportion of the more basic forms in the perfusate of donor kidneys compared with normal plasma.