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Can Hydroxycut affect sperm count? 

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Long-term 6-MP treatment in male mice did not impair sperm production and sperm morphology.

Overall, a disruption of estrogen metabolism was observed together with a weak but significant impact of BPA on sperm count and concentration.

In conclusion, the capacitating ability of sperm can be significantly lowered by increasing the level of estrogens in the environment.

Hormonal therapies usually do not affect sperm quality parameters, except in cases where fish fail to spermiate naturally or produce very small volumes of high-density sperm.

The authors concluded that exposure to DBCP, but not to ECH, was positively associated with detectable sperm count suppression.

Significant reduction was observed in sperm count and sperm motility (P The anti-spermatogenic effects of the extract on the sperm in the Albino rat may lead to reduction of fertility.

Apparently, it affects sperm quality more adversely than it does sperm production.

These results indicate that METH can induce abnormal sperm quality.