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Can Hydroxycut lower sperm count? 

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We conclude that sperm counts suppressed with GnRH antagonist plus T can be maintained with relatively low dose TE treatment alone.

These data suggest that high testosterone levels can maintain sperm production in men.

Long-term 6-MP treatment in male mice did not impair sperm production and sperm morphology.

The authors concluded that exposure to DBCP, but not to ECH, was positively associated with detectable sperm count suppression.

The epididymal sperm transit time seems to have an important role in the process of sperm maturation, and it seems that alterations to the transit can harm the process.

It can, however, be used for establishing whether populations exposed to dangerous ecological conditions or to drugs which are known to adversely affect spermatogenesis, have reduced sperm count by comparison to appropriate control groups.

Our findings revealed that consumption of DPP improved the sperm count.

Supplements such as CoQ10 and alpha-tocopherol significantly improve sperm count.

This approach has tremendous benefits for men who have difficulty producing sperm and for those with low and declining sperm counts.

The results suggest that seminal fluid improves sperm survival, even if the sperm are from a different male.

This method can not only minimize damage to the sperm structure, but also increase the effectiveness of selection.

Apparently, it affects sperm quality more adversely than it does sperm production.