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Can you take collagen with thyroid med? 

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Effects of thyroid hormone on ventricular gene expression in TSK mice result in a diminished collagen mRNA and collagen content and the disappearance of cardiac fibrosis.

Thus, thyroid absorbed dose and thyroid mass reduction during the first month after therapy can be predicted before therapy administration.

The finding of a high prevalence of ANA and, less often, anti-connective tissue antibodies in patients with thyroid autoimmunity and ophthalmopathy, is consistent with Graves' disease being a "collagen-like disorder".

Taken together, these data suggest that stromal fibroblasts are the main producers of collagen type I in anaplastic thyroid tumours.

Increase in ratio values and decrease in DOLP were observed for tumor tissue compared to normal thyroid, indicating higher ultrastructural disorder in tumor collagen.

These findings suggest that thyroid cells in collagen culture develop in an in vivo-like fashion.

Although patients with Graves’ disease do not usually exhibit other signs or immunologic features of a generalized collagen disorder, the finding of high prevalences of ANA and anti-striated muscle antibodies and, less often, anti-connective tissue antibodies in patients with ophthalmopathy, is consistent with it being a collagen-like disorder of the striated muscle, connective tissue and the thyroid.