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Do you have to go to school to work at a substance abuse rehab? 

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This study portrayed the following: how substance abuse effect the worker role of individuals employed in the open labor market, the challenges and facilitators experienced by employees who abuse substances when returning to their previous work roles and how occupation based interventions can be incorporated in EAP programs.

PURPOSE: To examine changes in substance abuse education in U. S. medical schools between 1976 and 1992.

Risk reduction education should be included with adolescent substance abuse treatment.

However, it may be beneficial to refer patients with substance abuse related medical conditions to a provider also trained in addiction medicine.

Schools should also inform students about their susceptibilities to substance abuse and dependency.

The findings support the need to include substance abuse education in social work curricula.

The staff work environment is an important component of the substance abuse treatment system.

The present study adds to the growing substance abuse and employment literature.