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Does noise Colorfit Ultra 2 have Alexa? 

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The results indicate that across all age groups, Alexa was primarily used for checking weather forecasts, playing music, and controlling other devices.

Alexa dyes showed good specificity for all the targets tested. This study demonstrates the great potential of QDs, as they are shown to have superior properties to Alexa dyes.

Our findings give the first glimpse of how households integrate Alexa into their lives.

We propose to use Alexa Fluor dyes as nano transmitters and receivers, as they enable to create multiple-input multioutput (MIMO) FRET communication channels and thus enhance FRET efficiency.

Consequently, for Alexa to naturally interact with users, and act as the ultimate virtual shopping assistant, new methods need to be invented and a number of open research challenges across various domains need to be addressed.

Alexa and Her Shopping Journey
17 Oct 2018  8 citations

More work is required to understand whether users treat Alexa and similar voice-controlled applications as primarily a traditional information retrieval system, a casual leisure system, a control interface for smart home devices, or, simply, a new toy.

We found interesting behaviors around purchasing and acclimating to Alexa, in the number and physical placement of devices, and in daily use patterns.