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When the signal-to-noise ratio is large enough, all the components of the signal are still present when the noise is deleted; otherwise, the smallest components of the signal are themselves erased in a quite rational and predictable way
The results show that although the RRC signaling overhead make keep-alive messages transmission with low efficiency, it will not consume the system resource dramatically and overload LTE network.
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Daisuke Kotani, Yasuo Okabe 
18 Nov 2015
8 Citations
This would be a significant overhead when the rate of other messages than keep-alive ones is low, because the controllers are forced to handle many keep-alive messages although such keep-alive messages do not affect network control directly.
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Xin Wu, Ning Li 
01 May 2018
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It proves that the new retain message storage mechanism can effectively prevent missing messages and repeatedly receiving messages.
However, the specification does not require that the loss of messages be possible, since this would prohibit an implementation that guaranteed no messages were lost.
Furthermore, thanks to the correlation of multiple artifacts, (s)he will be able to infer information like when a specific contact has been added, to recover deleted contacts and their time of deletion, to determine which messages have been deleted, when these messages have been exchanged, and the users that exchanged them.
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01 Oct 2012
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The key to proving the main result is to show that after a maximal set of messages has been recovered, the remaining signal at each receiver is distributed essentially independently and identically.
Messages separating can thusly be utilized to give clients the fitness to naturally control the messages composed on their messages, by sifting through disposed of messages.
Based on the experimental results of this study proved that the capacity of embedded messages can increase twofold and keep maintaining the imperceptibility quality.
The results also show that proper inactivity timer setting will reduce the signaling overhead and improve the efficiency of keep-alive messages transmission.

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What kind of physics learning can support the Indonesian curriculum?
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Physics learning that supports the Indonesian curriculum includes web-based information systems using an investigative learning model. Activity-based learning using models and analogies can also enhance high school students' conceptual understanding of physics. Additionally, mobile apps with guide learning maps can facilitate physics learning in authentic contexts. Integrating ocean literacy into physics learning can provide meaningful experiences for students and align with the 2013 curriculum's scientific approach.
How to write the introduction of Apple company?
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The introduction of Apple company should include information about its leadership and innovation strategies, such as the practice of assigning a Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) to every task and the annual Top 100 retreat with Steve Jobs. It should also discuss how Apple innovates, handles its suppliers, and manages the transition into the Post Jobs Era. The introduction should highlight the universal lessons about leadership, product design, and marketing that can be learned from Apple's success. Additionally, it should convince potential readers that the rest of the paper is worth reading by addressing why this paper is unique and valuable compared to other papers. The introduction should be well-structured and concise, providing enough information to hook the reader and make them want to continue reading.
What is the definition of active learning in machine learning?
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Active learning in machine learning is a practical field that automates the process of selecting which data to label. It aims to reduce the burden of data labeling by utilizing strategies that are data-centric rather than model-centric. The goal is to overcome issues such as the inability of sampled data to be transferred to new models and sampling bias. By incorporating combinatorial coverage in active learning, the proposed methods tend to select data that performs well in transferring to better models and have competitive sampling bias compared to benchmark methods. Additionally, active learning significantly enhances the performance of machine learning models when acquiring labeled data is expensive. It achieves this by employing strategies such as uncertainty sampling, which remains an effective and preferred choice for most datasets.
How Central Bank Digital Currency Change the Interaction Between Stakeholders?
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Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has the potential to change the interaction between stakeholders in various ways. Designers have a role in shaping the values associated with money, and CBDC design can either positively or negatively reform these values. The introduction of CBDCs by central banks can be a game-changer in the monetary and financial systems, with potential benefits and trade-offs for society. The emergence of a CBDC network could lead to both cooperation and conflict among different actors, shaking up the power balance and potentially pushing the international financial system towards decentralization. The exploration of CBDC issuance involves considerations such as policy, design, legal, governance, regulatory, cybersecurity, and risk perspectives, which can impact the interaction between stakeholders. Overall, CBDCs have the potential to bring about significant changes in the way stakeholders interact in the financial landscape, with implications for trust, inclusion, and the power dynamics among different actors.
What are the key requirements for SMEs to fulfil in order to use generative AIs successfully and profitably?
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To use generative AIs successfully and profitably, SMEs need to fulfill several key requirements. Firstly, SMEs should have a good understanding of both data and AI ethical principles, as well as the barriers they face in adopting ethical AI approaches. Secondly, SMEs should have the necessary prerequisites for AI implementation, such as AI experts, data organization, and a focus on scheduling as part of production planning. Additionally, SMEs should have managers with sufficient accounting knowledge and engage qualified vendors and accounting firms to overcome their lack of AIS knowledge. Lastly, SMEs should design generative AI applications with principles that focus on characteristics of generative AI, exploration and control, mental models and explanations, and also consider potential harms that may arise. By fulfilling these requirements, SMEs can effectively and profitably utilize generative AIs.
How can the pseudoknot of SARS-CoV-2 be targeted for therapeutic intervention?
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Targeting the pseudoknot of SARS-CoV-2 for therapeutic intervention can be achieved through various approaches. One approach is the use of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) that bind to the viral RNA and disrupt the pseudoknot structure, preventing viral replication. Another approach is the use of the CRISPR-Cas13 system, which can be programmed to target the pseudoknot region and degrade the viral RNA. Computational methods, such as the Functional RNA Identification (FRID) pipeline, can also be used to identify conserved pseudoknotted RNAs in the SARS-CoV-2 genome that serve as potential targets for small molecule or ASO therapeutics. Understanding the structure of the pseudoknot is crucial for developing these therapies, and molecular dynamics simulations have been used to study the conformational landscape of the pseudoknot and its role in frameshifting. Overall, targeting the pseudoknot of SARS-CoV-2 provides a promising avenue for therapeutic intervention against COVID-19.
What are the goal of correlation research??
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The goal of correlation research is to determine the relationship and degree of relationship between two or more variables. This research helps researchers understand the level of relationships between variables and provides explanations for research objectives, such as hypothesis testing or theory strengthening. Correlation research is widely used in various fields, including nursing and health research, as it can be used to determine prevalence and relationships among variables, forecast events, and inform decision-making. It is important to use appropriate methodology and analyze data carefully to ensure accurate results.
What current state of the art In Internet of Things?
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The current state of the art in the Internet of Things (IoT) involves the integration of physical objects with the digital world to optimize time, save costs, and facilitate human labor. IoT systems consist of various components and technologies that form a rich ecosystem, including computational and communication architectures, as well as security and governance aspects. Machine learning (ML) techniques, particularly deep learning algorithms, have been widely used in IoT applications, such as healthcare systems, to increase efficiency and improve outcomes. Resource discovery mechanisms have been developed to dynamically inventory and control the resources present in IoT environments. Additionally, there is a growing need to address security vulnerabilities and cybercrime investigation challenges in IoT systems. The analysis of the Middleware layer in IoT architectures, focused on data storage and processing, is also a significant area of research.
Can Serious Games increase Energy Literacy?
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Serious games have shown potential in increasing energy literacy by engaging users and promoting behavior change. Social factors, such as peer comparison, collaboration, and competition, have been found to have positive effects within serious games. Power Pets, a serious game designed for children, has shown preliminary indications of improving understanding of energy saving and its connection to the environment. However, there is a need for further analysis on how social strategies can be best applied within serious games. Serious games featuring energy and electricity aspects have been proposed as a tool for raising awareness, but there is a lack of games that consider both demand response and energy communities. Serious games have the potential to engage and educate end-users on energy consumption, but there is a need for further development in evaluation frameworks and integration with real-life energy behaviors. Overall, serious games can increase energy literacy and promote behavior change, but more research is needed to optimize their effectiveness.
What are some of the challenges in using machine learning and deep learning for crowd analysis?
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Using machine learning and deep learning for crowd analysis presents several challenges. One challenge is the complexity of crowd counting due to occlusion, size and perspective distortion, and non-uniform distribution. Another challenge is accurately estimating people's ages and gender in a crowd, which has applications in surveillance, management, and planning. Additionally, object detection for crowd counting faces difficulties in scale invariance and high miss detection rates for small objects. Furthermore, analyzing crowd scenes in unique scenarios like the Hajj pilgrimage requires specialized algorithms that can handle the overwhelming number of people in a small area. These challenges highlight the need for advanced techniques and algorithms to address the complexities of crowd analysis using machine learning and deep learning.
Combination of hololens 2 and beamer projection useful?
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Combining the HoloLens 2 with beamer projection can be useful for various applications. The HoloLens 2 is capable of superimposing thermal images, which can be beneficial for reconstructive surgery and medical interventions. Additionally, the HoloLens 2, along with the Microsoft Kinect v2, enables remote collaboration on visualized data in augmented reality, allowing multiple participants to interact with 3-Dimensional holograms. Furthermore, the use of holographic combiners, such as waveguide and edge-lit holograms, in see-through displays like head-up displays and augmented reality displays, offers a larger field of view and increased eye box, making them suitable for extended reality applications. Therefore, the combination of the HoloLens 2 and beamer projection can provide enhanced visualization, collaboration, and immersive experiences in various domains.