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Does your social security number change when you marry? 

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Racial minorities, women, the poor and the elderly tend to dislike a drastic change in the current Social Security system, and Social Security reform ought to pay attention to their concerns.

The pattern of intergenerational transfers itself, however, is shown to change with the social security tax rate.

If anything, Social Security does the opposite.

There was strong consensus that there is not, and should not be, a social norm to marry.

Misclassification of vital status could be introduced by the reliance on the Social Security number.

Mortality Among Hispanics
27 Apr 1994JAMA      10 citations

This paper shows that the optimal relation between social security benefits and retiree age depends on balancing the advantage of providing an otherwise unavailable actuarially fair annuity against the lower rate of return earned in a pay-as-you-go social security system.

However, our analysis does not reveal any massive shift of Federal workers into Social-Security-covered employment in order to benefit from the "tilt" in the Social Security formula.