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How can I become an entrepreneur in Dubai? 

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In more developed countries, individual characteristics may be still determinant factors shaping the decision to become an entrepreneur, although their magnitude may depend on the stage of the entrepreneurial process.

Furthermore, the results of this study can help in creating an increase in improving the productivity of Dubai SMEs in Dubai’s GDP, improvement in investment opportunities; better working conditions for employees and possibilities for expanding the operations of Dubai SMEs globally.

Social networks contribute to the establishment, sustenance and expansion of the small- and medium-sized social entrepreneurship projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is a good example of a rapidly developing city.

There also appears to be a logistics skill gap amongst the workforce in Dubai and this must be addressed and e-commerce must be encouraged.

Over the last decades, Dubai has applied an economic developmental model which is strongly pro-business, emphasizes market liberalism and economic openness, and embraces globalization, while at the same time refraining from challenging the traditional neo-patrimonial leadership structure in the country.

Our paper is the first academic study that identifies this relationship in Dubai.