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How can I boost my frontier WIFI signal? 

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Our analysis shows that throughput of a WiFi network can be enhanced by adding or replacing WiFi access points (APs) with LAA E-UTRAN Node Bs (eNBs), at the expense of different levels of WiFi performance degradation.

Our evaluations demonstrate that Ultron can increase the WiFi and LTE throughput by 5x and 6x respectively, resulting from a sharp reduction in LTE-WiFi interference.

LTE in unlicensed spectrum: are we there yet?
03 Oct 2016  54 citations

For home and work environments, aggressive WiFi scans can significantly improve the speed at which mobile nodes join the WiFi network.

Our methods enable the application of signal to interference and noise (SINR) based scheduling algorithms to WiFi networks resulting in tremendous increase in throughput and QoS/fairness.

Indeed, burstiness in modern WiFi standards may improve network performance, and we show that a Bursty QUIC (BQUIC), i. e., a customized version of QUIC that is targeted to increase its burstiness, can achieve better performance in WiFi.

Improving Performance of QUIC in WiFi
15 Apr 2019  3 citations

We show how these techniques can boost and enhance wireless networking operation in the 60 GHz band.

We develop a new digital signal processing algorithm called Common Multiple Folding (CMF) that accurately amplifies periodic beacons in WiFi interference signals.

Our results supported that the WiFi-aided MM algorithm provided more reliable solutions than both WiFi and MM in the areas that have poor WiFi signal distribution or indistinctive magnetic-gradient features.

However, the multi-path fading of WiFi signals causes time-varying received signal strengths of WiFi signals, which leads to poor accuracy of WiFi localization.

We present a comprehensive evaluation through which we demonstrate that, when aggregating packets, IEEE 802.11ac WiFi can be more efficient than LAA, whereas our proposals attains 100% higher throughput, without harming WiFi.