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How can I boost my LTE router signal? 

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To further boost the performance of LTE to meet the ever-increasing mobile traffic demand in a cost-effective way, applying LTE in unlicensed spectrum, known as LTE-U technology, is considered as a promising complementary solution for achieving the ultra-capacity foreseen in 5G and beyond.

By redirecting uplink traffic from Wi-Fi to LTE, Boost avoids resource waste due to Wi-Fi contention in the uplink.

Our evaluations demonstrate that Ultron can increase the WiFi and LTE throughput by 5x and 6x respectively, resulting from a sharp reduction in LTE-WiFi interference.

LTE in unlicensed spectrum: are we there yet?
03 Oct 2016  54 citations

We propose a signal-to-noise-ratio(SNR) cum mobility based MIMO/MCS link adaptation to enhance the overall performance of the LTE downlink.

Using LTE-U along with advanced techniques such as carrier aggregation, one can boost the performance of existing cellular networks.

This paper presents an effective coverage enhancement mechanism called TTI bundling to boost uplink VoIP performance in LTE FDD mode.

Simulation results validate our analysis results, and show that, in a typical outdoor scenario, the coexisting architecture and the Boost architecture can, respectively, increase the total AST up to 11% and 25%, compared with the traditional disjoint LTE Wi-Fi.

In this paper, we present a new feature of Wi-Fi Boost, its radio link management, which allows to steer the downlink traffic between both LTE and Wi-Fi upon congestion detection in an intelligent manner.

The proposed solution can accurately predict LTE signal quality metrics reducing drive tests needed by up to 70%.