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How can I increase my sperm count after 50? 

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The lowest sperm count was achieved when the coupling medium (3% saline) was held at 37 degrees C and two consecutive 15-minute treatments of 3 MHz ultrasound at 2.2 Watt per square cm were separated by 2 days. The non-invasive nature of ultrasound and its efficacy in reducing sperm count make therapeutic ultrasound a promising candidate for a male contraceptive.

These analyses should be performed using 50 frames immediately after sperm activation because spermatozoa quickly lose their vigor.

This method can not only minimize damage to the sperm structure, but also increase the effectiveness of selection.

Viable sperm is obtainable with PSR well after the currently recommended 24-h time interval.

As such, further studies are necessary to evaluate whether this decline in sperm count correlates with decreased fecundity and how to identify and mitigate potential causative factors.

This study revealed that inherent errors abound when different counting chambers are used for sperm count.

We find remarkable similarities in sperm count distributions in cohorts of fertile men from 1951 and 1971 to 1994.