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How do I change the number on my noise app? 

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The results obtained by computing a widely used objective speech quality measure indicate the effectiveness of the app for noise reduction.

Further research work should be undertaken to identify this number of events for different environmental noises and to clarify how the maximum noise level should be defined, particularly for road traffic noise.

The results obtained indicate the effectiveness of this real-time smartphone app for carrying out the environmental noise classification in an unsupervised manner.

Both number of trains and presence of ground-borne vibrations, and not just the noise level per se, are of relevance for how annoying railway noise is perceived.

Wind farm compliance measures based on a specified noise number alone will fail to address problems with noise nuisance.

Once the NQI is validated, new noise recordings can be evaluated and automobile engineers can estimate how the perceived quality varies as engine working conditions change.

This app overcomes the two shortcomings of high latency and musical noise artifact that are associated with the previously developed apps for the same purpose.

Capacity building in CEE, SEE, and NIS countries is necessary to acquire the "know-how" on how to implement and use the different scenarios for evaluating population annoyance by environmental noise, depending on the availability and suitability of noise exposure data.

The results of field testing indicate the effectiveness of this unsupervised noise classifier app when used in realistic audio environments.