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How do I clear my Exchange server cache? 

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We believe that this asymmetric cache study is the first of its kind and provides useful data/insights on cache characteristics of server consolidation.

Simulation findings show that the combination of the consumer-cache caching strategy and the RR cache replacement policy is the most convenient in IoT environments in terms of hop reduction ratio, server hit reduction and response latency.

How to Cache in ICN-Based IoT Environments?
30 Oct 2017  19 citations

We show that these do not prevent effective caching and we introduce a special cache replacement algorithm to maximise efficiency.

Web proxy cache can potentially improve network performance by reducing the number of requests that reaches the server, the volume of data transferred through the network and the delay in accessing Web page.

Some recent research has suggested that various strategies for cache management may not be equally suited to the circumstances at both the client and the server.

The experimental results show that the proposed techniques are effective in supporting coarse-grain cache management and reducing server response times for tested applications.

We implemented OPC and experimentally evaluated it over various cache placement policies, showing that it can enhance the impact of ICN packet-level caching, reducing both network and server load.

Object-Oriented Packet Caching for ICN
30 Sep 2015  27 citations

Thus, we are able to uncover the resource update history and cache configurations at the server side, and analyze the cache performance in various time granularities.